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The Boondocks Season 5: Is the comeback happening soon?

The Boondocks

The Boondocks written by Aaron McGruder is an American animated sitcom. This sitcom is for the late-night programming block Adult swim of the cartoon network. The show premiered in 2005. It is based on the comic idea of the same name. The idea of comic cartoons are highly in the subject by the love of McGruder for manga and anime.

The show features a black family, who are known as the Freemans, establishing into the fictional, friendly, and white suburb of Woodcrest. The emotions and the different perspectives that this show offers is no less than a satire. The visuals of stereotypes, the addition of cultures, lifestyles, and racism make the genre bit more satirical and conflicting.

This series The Boondocks first premiered in the year 2005 and completed its fourth season in the year 2014. The total number of on-air episodes is 55 in number. According to an update heard in the year 2019, The Boondocks season 5 is all set to release in the year 2020.

What made up the series interesting?

The story is based on the two siblings and their cranky grandfather in the suburbs. Robert Freeman is the legal guardian of these siblings. The two brothers are Huey who is 10-year old and Riley who is 8-years old. They have a difference in their characters. One being socially and politically motivated, Huey is many revolutionaries. The other is a product of rap culture, a stereotypical black boy who loves rap music and culture. A scene of social and political commentary arises when these kids meet the crazy neighborhoods who are generally middle upper-class white people.

The Boondocks through the show and its dialogues portray the thoughts of a black on American politics. The perspective is very clear and satirical. This out of box thoughts of the writer made the show a bit controversial too. It is in many ways challenging the mindset of African Americans.

What makes the characterization interesting?

Huey Freeman, the character’s voice is given by Regina King. This 10-year-old is the moral compass of his family. The boy is undoubtedly the voice of reason too. He is very intelligent and an avid reader. Huey is full of knowledge about varied subjects.

The voice of Riley Freeman is given by Regina King in the series. Riley Freeman is a product of rap culture. He is a very diehard follower of Rap/Hip Hop. Though, Riley is very charming and clever and is gifted with artistic features.

Robert “Grandad” Freeman is the grandfather and guardian of these kids. He immensely loves his two grandsons. Robert sometimes is angry and frustrated over the kid constant mischief and misadventures.

Is there a chance for season 5 to return?

The rumored announcements in 2019 say that the new season will be back soon. The reboot work is to start and season 5 to come on air by 2020. It is to stream in HBO Max. The fans have been eagerly waiting for its revival. Keep visiting The TeCake to get the latest updates about the revival of The Boondocks season 5.

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