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Zoom’s alternatives for video conferencing

Amidst the coronavirus outbreak, everyone is humbly requested to stay at home to prevent the spread of this infectious disease. Employees are compelled to working from home to stay safe. So, people are attending meetings via social video conferencing app. Due to this, millions of users are looking up the internet for video conferencing sites and applications. Many people are still not sure of which app the use for video conferencing.

There are numerous apps available on the net, but the question arises that which one is the best. Henceforth without a doubt Zoom is one of the most growing video conferencing apps and easy to set up and host video calls. However, in view of recent security and privacy concerns about Zoom, you may want to find a decent alternative to Zoom. Asides having the free version, some of them allow you to participate without having to actually register for the app. These Zoom alternatives app are perfect for video calling with your family and by using these apps, you can have video conferencing with your colleagues easily when working from home.

Skype Meet Now
Skype Meet Now is one of the best alternative of video conferencing app from Zoom. You will experience a fine and high-quality audio and video call from this app. This apps facilitates its users to record calls and saves the recordings of these call for up to 30 days. By using this application, one can blur the background as well and performs free videoconferencing through its Meet Now feature.

Jitsi Meet
It is another Zoom’s alternative which allows you to create an online meeting by simply navigating to the site and clicking on the Go button. Seventy-five participants can join to the maximum on this video calling application. It is easy to use and understand this app. This app is available in both the iOS and Android platform.

Google Hangouts
This is another great and improved video conferencing apps, which allows you to have a video chat with up to 10 participants. Hangouts Meet can accommodate up to 250 participants per call depending on the plan you select.

Talky is another alternative of video chatting or calling apps. The best thing about this app is that it is a free app, and one can use it without any registration. This app also has the screen sharing feature. It is incredibly easy to set it up.

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