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Which are Tthe best Samurai related video games!

Samurais and ninja are everyone’s favourite. You can never find someone who does not love samurai and ninjas. May it be series, shows or games, samurais always hit the list. These super skilled warriors drive everyone’s attention to them. This is the reason why they are so famous among all and media platforms. The concept of samurai comes from Japan. Just like in western democracy we have rights; samurais are the knights of Japan.

Talking about the games related to samurai, the list seems to be quite long. The genre is much wide and popular. There have been many best games over these years, games related to samurai. Samurai play an important role in Japan’s culture and folklore.

Best video games related to samurai!

  • For Honor – This is probably the best example of samurai games. The swordplay of the game is spectacular. Once you become a samurai, you are constantly under death threats. You keep trying for your own living.
  • Nioh – a thrilling example of samurai game. The title itself makes you lost into the dark world of Japan and everything happens around the samurais. The player to play the role of brave samurai and fight Yokai. You got to stand front the horrific danger just like the samurai does. For them fear is never above the honour. A good combination of myth and history comes together.
  • Total war: Shogun 2 – this is completely a samurai-centric game. The title itself reveals this. This game’s gameplay is quite same as the Shogun warriors fight in their traditional form.
  • Ghost of Tsushima – this is an exclusive Playstation 4 game. The title made all the difference. It ranks among the apex of the list. The story is completely focussed on samurai with a wonderful gameplay. This game is played from a perspective of third person.
  • Katana zero – the setting of the game is in purely medieval japan. As a player you take up the role of a samurai. This samurai now is up for all the challenges that come his way.
  • Sekiro: Shadows die twice – this RPG game is packed with actions. For a samurai his honour stands at the highest position. You cannot disgrace that. It is a dark game yet the swordmanship and the elements of the game make it much better.

Some very famous samurai characters!

  • Anna Lemouri – a samurai and a character of Mana khemia. She is much orderly and neat with her moves.
  • Asura – the central character of Samurai Shodown 64: warriors rage.
  • Baiken – she is in fight with katana to achieve her goal. The character of Guilty Gear.
  • Blue lobster – the very initial boss of the game the revenge of Shinobi.
  • Cyan garamonde – a character from Final Fantasy 6.


When it comes to samurai, the list is unending. May it be games or the best characters, their portrayal have always been top notch. To rank them is quite difficult because they are in many. To know about the best games and your favourite characters keep following our website and page.





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