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The best movie ever done by me which is not an MCU movie , says Robert Downey

The most popular actor Robert Downey Jr has made his remarkable identity on people’s mind through his marvelous performance as Marvel’s Iron Man. Not only that, but our beloved actor is also known for his incredible acting.

Robert Downey Jr has proved by his performances that he is the most adroit and brilliant actor in the movies, which include Sherlock Holmes, The Judge, Zodiac, Due Date, and Chaplin and also by his most beloved role, as the MCU superhero character Iron Man.
Though most films of Robert Downey Jr left a remarkable impact on viewers’ minds and gained immense success and admiration from audiences, however, our favorite Iron Man recently disclosed about the best film of his according to his opinion.

Marvel’s Iron Man actor Robert Downey Jr revealed his best film on The Joe Rogan Experience. The Avengers star RDJ disclosed that the best film which he has ever done is “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”, according to him. This movie was released in 2005 in which he worked with American actress Michelle Monaghan and famous actor Val Kilmer.
This is the most captivating mystery-thriller film, which is all about a thief who wants to be an actor and takes an interest in Hollywood’s murder investigation.

Besides that, our favourite Iron Man also disclosed that even though the film was bombed at the box office, it improved his life for good by offering him one of the best roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Avengers: Endgame star Robert Downey Jr revealed that “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, which is, I think, in some ways is the best film I’ve ever done. It wound up being a calling card”.
Though it got bombed, Jon Favreau saw it, and he said, ‘This guy could do an action movie.’ And I can sum it up as my calling card into the Marvel Universe, she said.

Robert Downey Jr’s starring film “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” did not do well at the box office, and it was a total flop film. According to the report, this mystery-thriller film has only collected USD 15,785,148 on a USD 15 million budget.

A few days back, Robert Downey Jr delighted his fans by announcing that he and his wife Susan are ready to produce the Sweet Tooth series for Netflix.

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