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The benefits of video calling/conferencing software for businesses

As the Coronavirus pandemic-induced lockdown continues to stop many businesses from operating – or at least operating as normal – companies and workforces are having to leverage technology in order to make sure that they stay connected and productive as much as possible.

Zoom quizzes, family face times and party chats might be connecting people socially all over the globe, but lest we also forget their importance to businesses globally, too. For those interested, read on to find out more about the benefits of video calling/conferencing software for businesses.

Keeping up Appearances

Communication and collaboration within a team is imperative to success, and for many people, not being able to see colleagues and work together each day can be quite isolating. Luckily, with video platforms that are set up with enterprises in mind, not only can teams easily stay in contact with each other, but they can also send files, share screens and work on the same projects simultaneously

Wondering which video conferencing platform might be best for your business? Here are a couple of the most competent offerings currently:

  • Microsoft Teams – An all-encompassing platform from Microsoft that allows for companies and businesses to do lots of different tasks, teams is the go-to for many. You won’t see many people using this platform for doing quizzes or chatting, but in terms of collaborative calls and ‘team’ sessions, it’s a great free tool that’s doing wonders for productivity. Much like Slack, another workplace platform that many different people use, teams has the facility to split into different groups and really organise a workforce, which can be a great help for those with different departments and colleagues that are working on different projects.
  • Zoom – Another frequently mentioned video conferencing call software, Zoom supports large meetings, with a central host that can mute and invite people as they please. Currently offered for free in order to allow more people to connect during the pandemic, the software is a great option for large companies that want to be able to conduct a meeting with many different colleagues at once.

Connecting companies with consumers

In industries that rely heavily on consultation and face to face interaction, being restricted due to the current pandemic (or for alternative reasons, such as being abroad, unable to travel or get to an appointment in time etc.) can be a big problem, and so working around this with a temporary solution is imperative. Via video conferencing and calls, conversation can continue in as normal of a fashion that’s currently possible.

Case Study – One key example of the way that technology and video software is helping businesses is in the property investment industry. Companies such as RWinvest are continuing to offer the best level of consultation to home buyers/investors as they usually would, sharing with them different plans/construction updates through screenshares, and keeping them in the loop with the ongoing of the property market in a personalised way in order to ensure that they’re making the most well-informed decision possible, even from the comfort of their own home. This is of course being done similarly in many different industries, not just with forward-thinking parties in the property sector.

Encouraging the adoption of technology

With many having to get to grips with using and leveraging the internet in order to connect to the outside world, there are a ton of new people that previously might not have liked to use different software and technologies, that are now embracing it. This is great news socially for groups such as older generations, that typically don’t go on digital platforms and use technology in order to connect. For companies and workforces, it also means that colleagues are more likely to connect with each other using different technologies, making them more efficient and productive when things go back to normal anyway. These are uncertain and worrying times, for sure, but it’s at least good to know that there are some positives to adopting and utilising tech to the best of our abilities.

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