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The A List Season 2, Is there any new season for series?

A List

A-List Season 2, another teen drama comes up for a second season. The A-List project is a British teen romance web series. The first BBC iPlayer, produced by Dan Berlinka and Nina Metivier, was launched on 25 October 2018.

‘A-List’ is created by Kindle Entertainment. Since its release in the UK, Netflix picked up the streaming rights of the show for its foreign audience. Here’s what we know about the streaming network, and now Netflix will be available this season.

The storyline is about Mia, a teenage girl, and Amber, a boy. In this season, sinister and dark mysteries start to turn her childhood dream into some kind of horror!

Who will be featured in A List Season 2

‘The A-List’ stars a cast of young, aspiring actors as its chief. Lisa Ambalavanar plays the position of Mia, a resentful, mean girl who disapproves of her parents’ choice to send her to the camp. Ambalavanar is mainly remembered for her performance at BBC’s ‘Doctors.’ Ellie Duckles is Amber, a novice who seems to be a sweet girl before, but is not as she seems to be. She has some strange abilities that later have dark repercussions for the camp’s inhabitants. Jacob Dudman actors like Dev, the love protagonist of the show.

Many significant actors include Alex (Rosie Dwyer), Kayleigh (Savannah Baker), Brendan (Micahel Ward), Zac (Jack Kane), Harry (Benjamin Nugent), Jenna (Eleanor Bennett), Petal (Georgina Sadler), Mags (Nneka Okoye) and Dave (Cian Barry).
All of the actors of the main characters are expected to be back in season 2.

What is the storyline?

Conceptualized as a coming-of-age drama, ‘The A List’ examines the feelings that make up a crucial part of puberty, such as affection, romance, commitment, and deception. It introduces us to Mia, the traditional Queen Bee of any teen drama that lands in an idyllic summer camp. But her ‘holiday of life’ quickly becomes a horror after the appearance of Amber, a dark, alien new face in the band.

The program takes a lot of influence from Netflix’s popular originals, such as ‘Stranger Things’ and the CW series, ‘Riverdale,’ which still airs on streaming. This does not mean, though, that the writers have fully imitated the plotlines. As Executive Producer, Anne Brogan explained, “what it is we aren’t trying to do was imitate them; we were looking at them for comparison and interest, and the fantastic unexpected twists of their storylines.” She said, “This is something we’ve really developed into our narrative.”

‘The A List’ is also an exciting and profoundly addictive teen drama that takes its audience to a mysterious and believable world full of deadly dark secrets. This haunting psychodrama, has combined with impeccable performances, can also be linked to the cult-hit movie ‘Midsommer.’ Filled with twists and turns, ‘The A List’ has obviously set high expectations and is set to match with its international audiences as well.

Season 1 ends with Mia heading up to meet Amber head-on, hoping that her own defeat will help them escape, but Amber gives her one last surprise.
Season 2, if ordered, could take a deeper dive deep into the speculation surrounding Mia.

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When did A-List hit the screens?

The A-List season 1 launched on Netflix on August 30, 2019. Its whole run for the first season was made up of 13 episodes. All the episodes were broadcast on the network on the same day.

Although it’s been several months since the series was first launched in the UK, viewers are still wondering if a revival is ongoing. Ok, maybe we’ve got a surprise for you. The producers are now dreaming about not one, but two seasons! As per head writer Anne Brogan, “We’ve been planning three seasons from the very start, and like the sense that some of those American teen dramas like Pretty Little Liars are if you’ve got a decent collection of casts and a real rock psychic field of mine, the further you’re getting into it, the more content there is. We hope to get several seasons.

So, you’re going there! It’s almost reported that you’re going on a long trip with this one. How much we can not announce at the present is the precise date of publication for the second season. If you note the theme of British dramas, they normally take their chance to create a return. So, our best estimate is that ‘A List’ season 2 will be published somewhere in August 2020.

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