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Tech giant Apple might introduce Over-the-ear headphones in 2020

Cupertino Apple company is long rumoured to work with a luxury pair of earphones, but a Bloomberg latest study says the delay has been made to make a special attempt towards it. It is also mentioned in the report that the company is developing a new premium over-the-ear wireless headphones that will flaunt modular components which can be “swapped in and out”.

According to the rumour, the next version of Apple’s headphones might arrive before the end of 2020 and, it is also expected that it would be one of Apple’s most customizable headphone pairs ever.

The latest report affirms that California-based tech giant, Apple, is ready with two separate models of headphones will be produced sooner. Fitness-focused and with airborne materials and drilling basically close to fitness-oriented Apple Watch bands and accessories in certain respects is the first one. The second one comprises of “leather-like materials,” aims a luxurious and a lavish look.

Ironically, reports say that Apple modularizes some of these headphones’ components. The use of magnets is done with great care and with an interesting manner where we see the headband padding and paddles are fitted with magnets.

Besides this, the newest headsets of the Cupertino company will have a retro look. Oval-shaped earbuds with metal arms that connect the buds to the bridge. The interchangeable padding is magnetized to allow for easy swapping, allowing users to switch from cheaper materials to something more premium, like leather. It’s expected to be a user friendly.
There are rumours about wireless headphones like it will support Siri and also have active noise reduction and controls. It also adds fast connectivity through multiple AirPod devices and some Beats headphones of Apple.

There was news by Bloomberg once that in 2019 Apple will launch over the ear headphones, but nothing happened. We all strongly believe if Apple launches such headphones, then it is definitely going to a hit. We know that Apple was previously working on this. Fingers Crossed for these over the ear headphones.

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