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Taskmaster would be the antagonist in forthcoming Black Widow

The solo Black Widow movie is getting into development. Now some of the best modern-day actors such as David Harbour from Stranger Things. In the previous day, the Marvel Cinematic Universe did startle the audience and the attendees of the San-Diego Comic-Con 2019.

Moreover, Marvel did also reveal the complete plan and the future of Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. On the other hand, Marvel also teased some of the future projects that MCU is going to feature after the third phase. The San-Diego Comic-Con also gave exclusive footage of the forthcoming MCU movie.

Taskmaster is a part of the MCU

Marvel did tease the villain of the forthcoming Black Widow flick. However, the attendees and the audience did get to see a grainy set from the early production stage photos. Andy Park, the Visual Development Director of Marvel Studios, also came up with a new keyframe illustration which reveals the antagonist in all his glory.

Taskmaster is not going to be a minor antagonist of the Black Widow. There is a highly likely chance that Taskmaster might feature as an antagonist in the future MCU films. Nevertheless, up until now, nothing is for sure. If Black Widow successfully manages to defeat Taskmaster and end his life, then there will be no Taskmaster in the future.

Fans will finally get the answer as to what did happen in Budapest?

The fans see Black Widow walking towards the staircase and enters into a room with a gun in her hand. There will be gunfights, motorcycle chases, streets running scenes like in Captain America: The First Avenger and Captain America: Winter Soldier. 

The fans have got a sneak peek at the sneak peek of the logo of Taskmaster’s shield. Black Widow did sacrifice herself to allow Hawkeye to get possession of the soul stone. It will be a great feat for the fan to see Black Widow in action for one last time.

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