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Target: What is the holiday hours for target stores?

Target holiday hours

Target is a common name that comes to the mind of most Americans when thinking of shopping. The store offers a variety of items ranging from Beauty and health products, bedding, clothing and accessories, electronics, food, furniture, jewellery, lawn and garden, pet supplies, shoes, small appliances, toys/games. The corporation was established on June 24, 1902, by its two founders George Dayton and John Geisse. The number of stores has increased since then.

However, the pandemic has caused difficulty for our shopping. Many stores including target have made it all more convenient for its customers. To know more about the holiday hours and guidelines provided by the store, continue reading.

What is the holiday hours of Target?

Target aims to provide service to its customers with fresh products and not at the cost of their health. The store is usually open till late at night. However, new guidelines have been given due to the pandemic. The store across the country now closes at 9:00 pm so that they get time for sanitisation and other necessary processes. Along with this, on Wednesdays, they save a separate time for the senior citizens and others vulnerable to the disease. Target is open on most holidays other than Christmas. Except that the store opens for New Year, Hanukkah, Labour day, Easter, etc. However, its always better to ask the store people before you go about the open timings.

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What alternatives are provided for the customers?

All store officials are trying to make shopping much easier for their customers. Many are also finding it difficult to come to the store to pick up items. To avoid this restriction in their life, Target has provided other alternatives. Same day delivery, pickup order and drive-up are provided for free. Pick up and drive up items are made available within 4 hours. The customers can visit the store to collect their items or it will be given to them in their car. Target is also following strict sanitisation almost every 30 minutes like cleaning check lanes and touchscreens. Masks and gloves are made mandatory along with social distancing which is maintained at all times.

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