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Tangled 2: Where to Watch This Disney Sequel?

Tangled 2

Tangled 2 – Tangled Ever After is a 2012 American computer-animated 3D short movie that was well-written and directed by Byron Howard and Nathan Greno. It is a series to the 2010 Walt Disney Animation Studios flick Tangled.

It premiered in theatres on the 13th of January 2012, before the 3D theatrical re-release of Beauty and the Beast. Princess Rapunzel and her fiance, Flynn Rider, plan for their grand wedding. Nevertheless, their friends, Maximus and Pascal, lose the rings and struggle to find them before it is too late.

After Tangled, everyone was super-excited about the sequence, so what happened? Here’ i what’ll need to know about Tangled 2 and Tangled: The Series. They made a sequel! You only did not get to watch it in theatres. In March 2017, Disney Channel delivered an animated film that officially serves as Tangled 2. Voice stars Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi returned to represent their roles, and they are soon starring in an animated TV series.

Live-action Rapunzel film Tangled 2

According to news, Disney is developing a live-action film focused on Rapunzel.

The original report detailed that the movie was being made for theatrical launch, not a Disney plus exclusive. Nevertheless, it is possible that their goals could have changed with more films being released on demand than in theatres with the coronavirus pandemic still changing the way Hollywood works.

If Tangled 2 does go into progress, it might take many years for it to come in theatres. Tangled was initially announced in 2003 under the title Rapunzel Unbraided, with a 2007 launch planned, but it took more than seven years to make it to the big screen. In terms of Tangled 2, the production of Frozen 2 offers a stern time frame for how long it would take to make; that film was proclaimed in March 2015 and released in November 2019. Therefore, even if Tangled 2 was announced this year, its release date would likely fall in 2024 or might also be in 2025.

Another possibility is that it could pick up years after the events of Tangled and follow Flynn and Rapunzel’s kids instead, who may end up obtaining their mother’s magical hair.

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