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TamilRockers has been Blocked upon complaint! Will it come back?


The film piracy site TamilRockers has been blocked. It has been reported to go offline as of 20th October. TamilRockers has been one of the most used piracy websites. The site has enjoyed high viewership as it provided quality content at cheap prices. Moreover, the site had posed a serious challenge for the OTT platforms. However, the news of TamilRockers being blocked has relieved those from Tamil industry. Today, we will inform you about how this busy site got blocked within a day! Keep reading to know more.

What is TamilRockers?

As it has been mentioned above, TamilRockers is a piracy website. It provides pirated Tamil, Malayalam and Bollywood movies illegally. Hence, it primarily provides cinema from South India, but it also consists Hindi cinema as well. TamilRockers has been one of the best sites for cheap movies for viewers.

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Certainly, the popularity of the site can be seen in the reactions of people upon blocking of the site. TamilRockers has provided services for many years. However, it kept changing its domain multiple times after being blocked. Sadly this time it seems like TamilRockers have permanently said Goodbye!

Why was TamilRockers blocked?

The public torrent website TamilRockers has leakd pirated versions of films in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, English and other languages. The site has been blocked a few times before. But it always managed to make a comeback with a new domain. But this time, the case against TamilRockers seems strong.


According to the reports, TamilRockers was sued by Amazon International under multiple DMCA. DMCA stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Apparently, the complaint was made against TamilRockers when Amazon’s new films were leaked on the site. Consequently, the website has been removed from the ICANN (Internet Corporation Assigned Names and Numbers) registry. Every new release like Tamil anthology ‘Putham’ made its way in the piracy website within hours of its release.

For over a decade, TamilRockers have been a threat to the filmmakers and now OTT platforms. However, as the site has faced suspension multiple times. Hence industry experts are waiting to see if TamilRockers will once again revive or not.

How did people react to TamilRockers?

No doubt the news brought relief to the major filmmakers and OTT platforms. In fact, it is being said that Tamil film industry’s prayers have been heard. On the other hand, the viewers have felt sad about the news. They have shared their disappointment on social media and bid their farewell to the site.

Also, a different piracy website known as Tamil MV, posted a farewell message for TamilRockers. It said, “Thanks to TR for its wonderful services for a decade!- from team TMV…”

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