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Tamil Yogi becomes the new spot for viewers after TamilRockers suspension!


You all must have heard about how the decade old TamilRockers got suspended. Apparently, Amazon complained against the piracy site when it’s new releases were pirated by TamilRockers. Although the site had been blocked multiple times before, it always managed to come around. However, this time, TamilRockers is gone for good. Subsequently, various viewers are left disappointed with the news. On the other hand, it came as a relief for big Tamil filmmakers and OTT platforms.

Certainly, it has benefited other similar websites too. One of those sites is Tamil Yogi. Hence, today we are going to inform you about Tamil Yogi, the new alternative.

What is Tamil Yogi?

Tamil Yogi is one of the Indian piracy websites. It provides good quality movies illegally for free. Tamil Yogi has been offering the latest Tamil movies on Internet. The site is known to have various categories and content. To be precise, Tamil Yogi has a section for HD movie downloads and offers quality ranging from 360p and 720p.


Moreover, the site always keeps updating. Subsequently, the reports say that the site has changed its name to Tamilyogi Pro. Above all, Tamil Yogi is reported to have over 10,000 downloading websites in different languages worldwide. Tamil Yogi mainly provides Kollywood movies and shows. But it also offers films and shows in Hindi, English, Malayalam, Kannada, Punjabi and Telugu. Moreover, Tamil Yogi is not just for downloading, but you can stream online as well.

Impact of TamilRockers suspension on Tamil Yogi

Ever since the suspension of TamilRockers, Tamil Yogi is enjoying the increased viewership. The audience is now looking for an alternative for TamilRockers. Although, Tamil Rockers ranked first in the top 3 piracy websites, but Tamil Yogi wasn’t far behind. Tamil Yogi was considered the second best website for pirated movies. As piracy is illegal in India, Tamil Yogi too has been blocked many times. But like Tamil Rockers, it always came back with new domain. However, with the blocking of TamilRockers, Tamil Yogi has taken over the first spot now.

Source: NewsBricks

Tamil Yogi has become the alternative for people to watch Tamil movies for free. It has been running for around 8 years. However, the drastic change in the viewership of Tamil Yogi could be seen with its recent release of “Ungalukkaga Oruvan”. The film features Mahesh Babu, who is considered the king of Kollywood. People now can watch Ungalukkaga Oruvan on Tamil Yogi for free. Being the alternative, and having released such a big movie has done wonders to Tamil Yogi.

Being an illegal piracy website, the fear of suspension is always there for Tamil Yogi. But for now, the site is enjoying the increased viewership and it’s popularity.

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