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Sword Art Online Season 4: When is Sword Art Online Season 4 coming?

Sword Art Online Season 4

Fans of anime are wont to waiting an extended time for his or her favorite shows to return, the phrase ‘good things come to those that wait’ springs to mind, but nobody really enjoys that point away.
Sword art online: italicization war of underworld has just concluded, but fans are now left wondering if and when the hit anime series will return for Sword Art Online Season 4.

We waited nearly four years for Sword Art Online season 3 to premiere which felt like an eternity. Unfortunately, it’s like we are certain another similar break before season 4 will return to our screens.

Overview of Sword Art Online:

Following Sword Art Online Season 3 adapting everything between the ninth and eighteenth volume of the sunshine novel series, author of the series Reki Kawahara has revealed that he are going to be writing “one more big arc” called ‘Sword Art Online: Unital Ring’ – which currently has only three published volumes. We had expected that this is able to be what season 4 of the anime was adapted from, but the announcement of a ‘Progressive’ anime may push this back.

However, from a production standpoint, A-1 Pictures director Manabu Ono has already said that the studio is “planning to adapt the whole Sword Art Online series” – suggesting that each one canon material will eventually be adapted.

So, with the view that A-1 Pictures want to adapt the whole series and a final arc currently being written, Sword Art Online is nearly bound to return for a fourth season.

Here is what they tweeted in their Twitter account:

When is Season 4 coming?:

A release date for Sword Art Online Season 4 has not been revealed, but we expect that the ‘Unital Ring’ arc won’t premiere until a minimum of 2024. However, it’s highly likely that the recently announced anime adaptation of ‘Progressive’ will debut within the subsequent two years.

The problem with predicting a possible release date for Sword Art Online ‘Unital Ring’ is that it all depends on when Kawahara can complete the sunshine novels. Assuming that this arc also will have 10 volumes which Kawahara can produce a minimum of two per annum, the series still won’t be completed until 2023 – and that’s at the earliest.

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