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Sweetie’s Pie: The Food Restaurant that Rejuvinated Robbie Montgomery’s Life.

Sweetie’s Pie is an American television series that explicitly focuses on Robbie Montgomery, an Ikette. and his family who run soul food restaurantsA reality show, Sweetie’s pie has been originated in the United States thus having English as its original language. Craig Piligian, Melodie Calvert, Jeff Keane, Tim Breitbach, and Steve Luebbert are the executive producers of the show.

Tragedy Turning to Felicity: A Little Background

Robbie Montgomery was an Ikette back in the 1960s. She was one of the backing group members of soul duo sensation Ike & Tina Turner. Unfortunately, one day Robbie’s lung collapsed and she was no more in a position to continue to be a part of the singing group. She then dropped her career and joined her mother’s career who used to cook amazing recipes. It was then Robbie created St. Louis’ soul food restaurant named  ” Sweetie pie’s”.


The Eminent Cast of Sweetie’s Pie:

It consists of the audacious Robbie Montgomery, the resolution Tim Norman, the gritting Lil’ Charles, and the fascinating Lady Jenae. There are also other supporting people while these are the pillars of the show contributing to its more exuberant and illustrious version.


The Premiering of the Show:

The show ran for complete 8 years. It was back in 2011, October 15 when the show hit the television world entertaining and inspiring our audience to its best.  July 9, 2018, saw the end of the series with lots of love and respect from the audience around the globe. The show has been noteworthy and has left no stone unturned to keep the fans tuned in for 8 consistent years. It premiered on Oprah Winfrey Network and is undoubtingly unbeatable by any other television series. 

It stood out appealing to hope and courage in the darkest of times. The amazing blend of entertainment and inspiration has driven people to look up to it as one of the prime examples of what reality shows should look like. Despite underscoring the calamities of life it has also taught us to not lose the thread of hope and light till the very end.

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