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Suzy Cortez Net Worth, Did Suzy Face Controversies?

Suzy Cortez

Miss Bumbum – an annual beauty pageant that’s held in Brazil to reward the owner of the fittest buttocks in the country. Suzy Cortez, born and grown in Brazil for most of her life. And grew up in the city of Campinas. Currently, lives in São Paulo.

Suzy Cortez Early & Career Life

Organized by entrepreneur and journalist Cacau Olives, the competition has 27 participants, all of whom represent one of the country’s 27 states.

The champ will receive about US$22,000 in advertisement deals. Instantly can become a celebrity in Brazil. Brazilian TV network: RedeTV! publicizes the event. The prevailing titleholder is Ellen Santana.

Miss Bumbum to make her initial foray into the United States market by licensing an official calendar 2017 for shipping in the United States. It was published in Dec 2016, highlighting the 2016 title-holder Erika Canela on the cover.

Did Suzy Face Controversies?

According to the International Business Times (IBT), in Oct 2013, models Mari Sousa, 25, and Eliana Amaral, 24, were cited for paying the equivalent of thousands of dollars in fees to the contest judges.

In 2018 2 trans women were revealed as candidates for Miss Bumbum, the 1st such women to do so.

Many other participants opposed the inclusion of trans women in the contest. The 2018 competition was defaced by a losing candidate, Aline Uva. She accused her opponent of having surgically expanded buttocks and causing a ruckus on stage

Who is Suzy Cortez?

Suzy Cortez – social media celebrity. A fitness model, and sports TV host hailing from Campinas – Brazil. Well-known for winning the 2015 Miss BumBum Brazil competition.

She was a fan of sports from her young age, also began fitness modeling expecting to ultimately begin a career on TV, something she dreamt off as a child.

Suzy achieved this by turning to social media to spread her word – inspiring many others to follow their dreams, and achieving great things in the fitness journey.

The cultural context in Brazil

Bumbum is a word used for a woman’s buttocks in Brazilian slang, which are regarded as a significant element of physical beauty in Brazilian culture.

An appreciation of well-shaped and sizeable buttocks is traditional and extensive in Brazil and the traditional Brazilian inclination is for women to have big round buttocks. The Brazilian ideal being much thicker, wider, and shapelier than may often be connected with the European ideal.

The reputation of the Miss Bumbum competition in 2014 in Brazil led to online voting for the winner topping 2M votes.

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