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Suzanne Kay, Diahann’s daughters net worth, personal life, and more

Suzanne Kay

Suzanne Kay is widely known as a journalist, editor, writer and producer. However, she is even more famous for being the daughter of two legends Diahann Carroll and Monte Kay. Diahann was an actress, model and activist and Monte Kay, a famous jazz record producer. Born to two famous celebrities, Suzanne had their name attached to her every step in life. Along with all this fame, she had made her own place in the world. Her mom passed away at the age of 84 after fighting with the deadly disease of cancer. Before she died, Diahann worked as an activist and spread awareness on breast cancer.

Childhood and early life

Suzanne Kay was born on September 9, 1960, in California, United States. Her parents were the famous Monte Kay and Diahann Carroll. However, her parents split 7 years after marriage. She got her post-graduation from Columbia University with a masters degree in journalism. Later she worked as an intern for PBS show McNeil-Lehr news.

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Personal life and career

Suzanne Kay started off as an intern and later became a news author for CNN. She also worked as an air-character for ETV and she also began a career as a composer for sitcoms in Fox and further started her creation organization by the name Wonder View Films. Suzanne jumped to another career as a screenwriter. She composed Hero with her ex-husband Mark. The two were married for a period of 20 years but broke it off in 2016. The ex-couple have two kids Sydney and August. They also composed Cape of Good Hope together after moving there. The two were mesmerised by the place and also did humanitarian efforts there. Throughout her career, Suzanne Kay has also managed to win awards and achievements in her field of work.

How much is Suzanne Kay net worth?

Even though Suzanne Kay came from a family of money, she has also managed to make her own share of money for herself. She is known to have a net worth of around $5 million.

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