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Survey finds a link between genetics and getting hangry

Most of the people feel cranky before the mealtimes. This is the state known as ‘Hangry’ when the brain mixes being hungry and being angry as one. There was a survey conducted by a DNA-testing company named 23andme where more than 100, 000 people were asked to participate and answer a question. The question asked to all of them was, “How often do you feel angry when you are hungry?” The results showed that more than 75% of the participants often feel angry when they are struck by hunger.

The researchers did a cross-reference of the data with the genetic information that the company collected from the investigations. Some of the genetic variants came out with matching results with the surveyed participants that experienced hanger. This suggests that some of the participants were eliminated based on their genetics in order to feel the state of hangry.

The results came as a shock for the researchers who earlier thought that the link to the survey around metabolism would be genetic. This means that if a person is genetically more susceptible to have a hard time to regulate the blood sugar level then low blood sugar would affect his/her mood.

A scientist from 23andme, Janie Shelton said that the two variants that were associated with the neuropsychiatric and personality conditions such as schizophrenia and depression are vaccinia-related-kinase 2 and the exo-ribonuclease 1 genes. The type of genes that are involved might be more related to the pathways with the behavior and personality traits.

Looking at the survey data, it can be considered that women are more likely to develop the state of hangry before mealtime as compared to the people under the age of 50. It is true that women of all ages, in general, get into a state of irritation when they are hungry which can be relatable to being hangry.

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