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‘Supernatural’ Season 15 To Release On Netflix, Here’s all you should know

Here’s when ‘Supernatural’ season 15 is expected to release on Netflix.

The famous on-going thriller series, ‘Supernatural’ is a long-standing one. Dean and Sam Winchester and the kind of bromance that they represent is the type that will lead us to wanting more. There isn’t a pause button that you can exactly push with them. Unfortunately, like all good things, even ‘Supernatural’ has had to come to an end. If the recent reports are believed to be true, the supernatural series is expected to conclude with the release of its fifteenth season.

According to a report published by Digital Spy, the series will be ending with the premiere of its finale season. The team behind the series have stated that they will be releasing the series on Netflix as well as other regions, to take care of the uncertain future. The exact release date of the series is not known yet but there has been some speculation around it.

‘Supernatural’ season 15 release date

The CW literally used to feed on ‘Supernatural’ and all the glorious revenue that it has been able to generate till date. It had made a massive name for The CW even before it had made the name for itself. The series has been ongoing for over ten years now and with the 2020 season, it seems like they have decided to call it a wrap.

According to numerous reports online, the fifteenth season of ‘Supernatural’ is expected to release in October 2020.

Why is this the last season?

There are numerous reasons why ‘Supernatural’ should meet its end with the fifteenth season. According to the creators, it is just the right time to complete. At a recent event, the show’s leading actor Jensen Ackles made a statement, “It was months and months, if not years of discussion between he and I, between the rest of the cast, between crew, between our writers, between our producers, between the studio, between the network. No body wanted to see this show fizzle out.”

Will ‘Supernatural’ season 15 release only in the U.S.?

As mentioned previously, this is the last season of the series. Therefore, while Netflix is hoping to release the series in the U.S., there are fans worldwide who are worried as to whether they will ever be able to put their eyes and feast on the last bits. Unfortunately for them, only one other Netflix region will be able to receive the service and watch the last season, i.e. Japan.

Netflix has not yet commented on how they plan on bringing everyone onboard about releasing the last season worldwide.

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