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Subaru to introduce its first EV by 2021

Should bits of gossip from Japan demonstrate validly, we’ll have a Subaru Evoltis step into the US, around one year from now. Yes, you got it right, Evoltis is supposedly the rumored name for the brand’s first fully-blown electric vehicle and is most likely the SUV originating from the company’ association with Toyota which was recently affirmed around a year ago.

The whiz originates from the Japanese site Response, however, the “Evoltis” name has somewhat more credit to it. Subaru trademarked the name in the US two years back, and in spite of the fact that trademarks aren’t the best inputs about the upcoming cars, they certainly do give some pointers. The brand didn’t promptly restore a solicitation for input.

According to the report, Subaru will utilize the 2021 Tokyo Motor Show to make a big appearance of the electric SUV, however, news on a Toyota form wasn’t referenced. Toyota’s been delayed to present any fully electric vehicles as its focus is currently centered around hybrids for the US. In the event that the RAV4 Hybrid’s prosperity is any sign, the automaker’s done well with that approach up until this point.

As of now, Subaru’s only electric model remains to be the Crosstrek Hybrid, which gets its plug-in hybrid technology from Toyota. The Evoltis, if Subaru decides that to be the final name, would stamp a massive move-ahead for the brand as a battery-electric vehicle. Subaru and Toyota said in their joint declaration encompassing an EV platform that we’d initially observe an electric SUV on a completely new and entirely fresh EV platform. Later on, the platform should also bolster various other body styles.

The Japanese automaker Subaru currently has a well-rounded lineup in the US, consisting of some of the hot sellers such as Outback, Forester, Impreza, and of course the BRZ. Let’s see how well the plans of introducing an EV sore for the auto-marque.

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