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Subaru issues recall for around 188,00 vehicles including the Outback and Impreza

Subaru is renowned for its fun to drive factor. All the cars that house a Subaru sigil on their hoods are recognized as potent driver machines that can send the adrenaline levels soaring high. However, the Japanese auto-marque has lately found itself surrounded by questions regarding the reliability of its cars. 

What’s here to further worsen the situation for the company is a batch of faulty fuel pumps. Subaru has issued a recall for some of its vehicles. This recall is made due to faulty fuel pumps that can cause the engine to stall. 

Subaru has issued this recall and says that a total of 188,207 vehicles may be installed with a faulty fuel-pump, that can fail under low-pressure due to a manufacturing defect. Four Subaru models have been included in this recall, namely- Impreza, Legacy, Outback, and Ascent. 

The Impreza and Legacy are essential and some of the most loved vehicles in Subaru’s sedan lineup, whereas the Ascent and the Outback are the sub-branches of the company’s crossover segment. 

The Japanese auto-marque has submitted the documents with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and is calling back these 4 vehicles. 

The issue with the faulty fuel pumps is quite serious, as it may result in the creation of cracks and eventually deformation of the pump. In case the fuel pump malfunctions, the vehicle might stall and the driver may fail to start it again. The issue is being looked into with the utmost urgency as a sudden engine stall increases the risk of a crash many folds. 

Owners can look for this defect in their cars by noticing signs such as the engine running in a rough manner, or with the constant flash of the check engine light. 

Subaru says that it will inform the owners of the vehicles which are included in the recall. After this, they can take their Subaru vehicle to the nearest dealerships or service centers and can get the issue solved free of cost. The company will replace the faulty fuel pumps with brand-new ones, with a higher density. Subaru expects the procedure of mailing for the faulty vehicles to initiate on June 5. 

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