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Stranger Things Season 5: Is Confirmed by Duffer Brothers?

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While Netflix is still yet to affirm whether there will be the fifth season of Stranger Things this time or not, it appears as though renewal is highly in the works. During this gap, fans and the viewers of the show have been theorizing about what’s next for the Hawkins-bred teens in the 4th season.

With production on hold because of the ongoing COVID-19 shutdown and shooting calls underway, it’s a welcome announcement made that the Netflix show will be clinging around for the near future. Yes! The Duffer Brothers have given a word.

Is Season 5 Happening?

David Harbour thinks that Season 5 is happening. In a conversation with Gold Derby, David seemed to let it slide that Stranger Things will be continuing ahead of 4th part.

He announced as – I will tell you in Season 4 and in Season 5, if we are ever able to shoot again, there’s quite a lot to be exposed around the complexities of the story, which is strong, and I am quite excited for you to see. As far as David is involved, Hopper’s storyline continues into the 4th and 5th seasons.

Also, he stated that – Because we know the ending, you all can go back and watch it and you’ll get, what we were setting in Season 3 that paid off in Season 4 and 5.

Is Stranger Things Season 5 Granted?

While the 4th part of the favorite series does not have a launch date so far, Stranger Things 5 is all set to go. A huge thanks to the recent interview in The Hollywood Reporter, the news is getting out that at least one more season is on its way.

The Actual Storyline Below

The one who doesn’t know anything about Stranger Things, we got you a summary. The disappearance of a young boy lits to a chain of events that leads to the residents of the small town of Hawkins to reveal a government conspiracy and a supernatural story that will shatter all semblance of normality including threatening their very existence.

Showrunners Matt and Ross Duffer told the outlet that they have been busy lately working on the 4th part and it will not be the last. Season four will not be the end of the show. We know what the end is, and we know when it is – said, Ross Duffer.


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