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Stranger Things Season 4 would begin filming this October

Stranger Things is one of the most successful TV-Series of the modern-day era. Since the first season itself, Stranger Things didn’t look back. Recently, Stranger Things came out with the third season whereas a lot of things took place. Eleven has also lost her power, yes, spoiler alert. However, the fourth season of Stranger Things is on its way.

Stranger Things indeed began as a series for the kids, but soon people of all ages began loving and accepting the series. Also, Stranger Things has become the most-streamed TV-Series in all of Netflix. Even Narcos is not as popular as Stranger Things on Netflix.

The turning point of the series

The third series of Stranger Things is often said to the turning point of all the three seasons. However, the third season of Netflix’s Stranger Things did end with a massive cliffhanger. People are still wondering who the American that is held as a captive is. By the looks of it, everything that is left unanswered in the third season of Stranger Things will be answered in the fourth season.

The real question is, will Eleven get her supernatural powers back? Or she will stay as a normal human being like her friends and newfound family.

Stranger Things 4 will start filming this fall

Several reports are the point that the fourth season of Stranger Things will begin shooting during early October. It is important to note that if Stranger Things begin its filming from October, then there is a highly likely chance the series would get a release date by 2020. 

If the fourth season doesn’t premiere in 2020, then the viewers would have to wait for one more year to watch their favorite TV-series. According to one of the Duffer Brothers, the fourth season would be the last season for Stranger Things.

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