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Stranger Things Season 4: 5 Spoilers Every Fan Should Know

After the explosive finale of 77 minutes of the third season, ‘The Battle of Starcourt’, there are some very important questions, but not a disappointment.

Netflix’s science-fiction horror will return for the fourth season, which means that all those loose ends that are losing your sleep will be resolved, or so we hope anyway.

Here are the spoilers for The Stranger Things Season Four which every fan should know:-

As in the finale, it was shown Jim Hopper being dead while closing the door in a lab explosion, it’s really hard to believe that he is dead and as our assumptions, we would see his return in Season 4 of Stranger Things.
Season three ended on a very sentimental note when Joyce, Will, and Jonathan packed their home in the street vendors and jumped into a moving van with the XI after Hopper’s apparent death and left Hawkins. We have no idea where they have gone, but with the fourth season at stake, they will return surely. Whatever the obstacles, the gang always finds a way to regroup and save the day.
And as we had seen in third season finale that Eleven has lost her powers, unable to even lift his teddy bear from the top shelf of her closet. So her powers may be restored in season 4 as Mike is also with her.
Even eleven could have been infected by the bite of that monster in his leg in the third season, and that Mind Flair could turn him against the city of Hawkins: “If Eleven is infected, Mind Flair can control her, like Billy, Will, and Flare, and finally get more control/proliferation to destroy or use her.” While this makes sense in theory, the key evidence to use it is the fact that a shadow can be seen on XI’s head in the final scene of the third season. Does it look like the silhouette of Mind Flair or is it just a tree?
The Soviet Union still does not work despite facing a serious crisis. They have a Demogorgon in captivity (proof that the door is not closed properly, is only paused or that Demogorgon can open its mini doors. Are they planning, possibly the Demogorgens army remains a mystery.
Even in season three, there were references of The Americans so most probably their invasion can be seen in Season Fourth of The Stranger Things.

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