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Stranger Things 4 To Be Even Scarier

Stranger Things 4 is expected to be scarier than one’s imagination.

There’s a lot of speculation surrounding the upcoming season of Stranger Things. As the fans await the eventual return of the fourth season, one can’t help but question, “Is the fourth season going to be scarier?” Well, this is an answer that star, Joe Keery has finally decided to provide. For those who aren’t aware, Joe Keery is the actor who plays the role of Steve Harrington in the series. He is expected to reprise his role as Steve in the upcoming season.

Coming back to the question – is it at all possible that the fourth season of Stranger Things will be scarier? It is highly possible that it has been able to much more association with The Upside Down. Even though Joe Keery has not ended up revealing what exactly is tailing the theme or nature of the fourth season, we are sure to expect some horrific jump scares.

In a recent interview with Game Radar, the actor stated, “Oh man, it’s pretty amazing – the Duffer brothers have really done it again. I think that this year – and I know I say this every single year – but this is definitely going to be a lot scarier than prior years, because last year was pretty dark.”

Let’s just get one thing clear. With this statement, Joe Keery is not referring to the scary proposition that Will Byers will be making with his hairstyle. It appears that when we are talking about the big scare, we are thinking of a show that might be going well and beyond Hawkins in the upcoming season. The comment that was made by Keery is also an eerie one and there has been a lot of serious and widespread darkness surrounding the upcoming season.

So what about Hopper?

As per what David Harbour has suggested, Hopper is definitely returning. While he is making a come back, it seems like he won’t be himself. He is expected to take over another kind of avatar. He has spend a really long time following up with some things that are different and it has changed the way he behaves. When he returns, the character is expected to play a very different role. However, there will be some level of familiarity as we go forward with this.

Stranger Things Season 4 Release Date Delayed

According to numerous other online news, Stranger Things is expected to begin work again once the coronavirus situation settles. In the mean time, it is being suggested that the thoughts and theories currently involved in this situation is that the fourth season will be scary and we will just have to wait for a really long time before we can finally see when the show releases.

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