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Stranger Things 4 back in production. Know all the revelations made so far!

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Good news for Stranger Things fans! Stranger Things Season 4 is back to filming. After around 7 months, the show has resumed working, which was halted due to COVID-19. Netflix recently announced the news via social media post. Netflix shared a picture and captioned “Meanwhile in the upside down…”

Stranger Things Season 4 Timeline

One of the epic Netflix shows, Stranger Things was renewed for the fourth season in September 2019. Subsequently, the new season was supposed to film from January 2020 till August 2020. The production began on time, however, had to be paused due to the pandemic. Later, the teaser for Stranger Things season 4 was released on official social media accounts of Stranger Things. The teaser made public revelation that the production had started. Hence we might get the show in mid 2021. Also, Millie Bobby Brown cleared about the production to Jimmy Fallon.

Some of the filming was done before production shut due to COVID-19. Meanwhile, on July 19, 2020, writers of the show posted the scripts of Stranger Things season 4

Finally, on 2 October, Netflix took to social media to share the news about resuming the shoot for Stranger Things 4. Recently, a few photos were shared on internet from the set of the show. The cast of Stranger Things can be seen in the pictures at Hawkins High School. Moreover, all these information has revealed a few things about the show. Check them out in the next section.

What has been revealed so far!

The story line of the show has not been revealed yet. However, the teasers and other internet posts have made some revelations. We have compiled them for you, check them out! Firstly, the teaser released in February disclosed that Jim Hopps is still alive. He is in a Russian prison camp, working as a labor. This plot twist was the major relief as people were extremely sad when Hopps died in the previous season.

Secondly, the recently released photos from the set of Stranger Things 4 showed the kids in a school. One of the pictures featured Max and Dustin, which implies that the kids have finally entered Hawkins high school after three seasons.


Moreover, another picture shows Nancy at the stairs of High School. Hence people are guessing either she was there to pick her brother Mike, or maybe got a job at school.

Finally, there are a few guesses going around regarding the new season. Apparently, Netflix posted the similar photo, with different caption, “Now in Hawkins”.

The theories state that the same picture is set in real world as well as Upside Down. Hence, it could suggest the distinction between the two worlds no longer matter. Maybe the Russians’ project destroyed the distinction leading the two worlds to merge.

In addition, another guess based on ‘Stranger writers’ post, hints the show is set in the winter season. Every season has been around some festival or an event. This year, the show might involve a major Basketball game. Also winters mean Mike and Eleven might be reunited around Christmas, as they mentioned in Season 3.

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