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Steve Cash the popular Talking Kitty Cat YouTuber commits suicide

Steve Cash Net Worth

Steve Cash was one of the two prominent lead roles of his famous sketch series called Talking Kitty Cat, with his talking cat Sylvester. Steve Cash was commonly known as SteveCash83.


Steve Cash was born on 14 November 1979. He was born in Oakland, California. After graduating from high school, he followed his dream of becoming a musician. Afterwards, he started a YouTube channel named Talking Kitty Cat. Where he showed his music talent and comedy also. Steve had many other shows on his channel aside from Talking Kitty Cat. The most famous was 4Steves. His favourite food was McDonald hamburger and Hot pockets. Sylvester was his first animal. His second animal was a cat named Ibanez, but Ibanez disappeared in 2008. So his third pet was a dog named Shelby. His fourth pet was another cat named Gibson, who he found on an ad while browsing through et. Gibson sadly passed away after some time. He then bought another cat named GG.

Alongside his YouTube channel, he also was in a band called Pause for the Cause. He loved music and was known to be exceptionally talented in playing the guitar.

Personal Life of Steve Cash

Steve married Celia DeCosta, whom he met in 2009. The couple had two children. Steve was a Christian, acc to some sources. Steve took his own life by inflicting a gunshot to his chest on 16 April 2020. Steve’s wife shared this news on her Facebook page. Steve had bipolar disorder which he openly mentioned. His last video was Sylvester goes to Court on his channel Talking Kitty Cat.

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The news of his suicide shocked his fans. Many of his fans, along with some YouTubers, came out to pay tribute. YouTuber Phantoms in Cold Blood paid his honour with the song “Frozen in Time”. Another YouTuber TheMeanKitty made a tribute for him and said thanks for all his videos.

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