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Steam: What is application and how does it work?


Most of us love gaming and it would have been easier if you could find your favourite games in one place. Thanks to some great minds and technology, we do have something of that sought. Steam is software that distributes video games online. Valve are the developers of steam. Initially, it was released to provide automatic updates for video games. The software was released on September 12, 2003, and later expanded to provide video games from third-parties. The service is not restricted to only Windows but is also available in a wide variety of platforms. This includes macOS, Linux and even mobile apps released for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Design software, hardware, game soundtracks, anime, and films are also provided by the platform.

How to get Steam and what are its features?

Steam is available in platforms including Windows, macOS and Linux and even in your Android, ios and windows phone. The users are supposed to create a steam account to purchase or download the games. Moreover, they are also informed about the new updates and Softwares for bugs, deals and discounts. This account can be logged in through any platform. Further, the users are presented with a steam library which displays game statistics, the games that were played and their achievements. Along with this, Steam provides its users with features of a community for players where they can interact and live stream games. The game has an organized platform which lets players easily find popular and discounted games.

However, uploading games have been made easier, the owner has to pay $100 and then wait for the approval from steam. After it is approved, he has full control over the game.

What is in store?

Steam offers its users free and paid games. Free games include games like Global Agenda, Spiral Knights, Champions Online and others. The valve also later added subscription-based games. Later, non-gaming applications were also added.

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Privacy settings

In the beginning, the service faced threats regarding hacking. However, Steam has improved their security and privacy settings over the years. Moreover, there are some rules the owners of the game has to adhere to before publishing. Hate speech, pornography/adult content, offensive content and contents not owned by them are strictly banned.

However, steam is very useful software which was of great use initially for gamers and later expanded to provide non-games too. It is available to download in almost all platforms and its worth it.

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