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Stars Vs the force of evil series finally ended in 2019 after season 4

Stars Vs the force of evil season 5 will broadcast in late 2021, as anticipated but the show wrapped up its production in season 4 as it’s the final season. After that, there has been no official news for any forthcoming seasons and there would be no futures series for the show. 

Star Vs the forces of evil production Disney has decided to stop the production at season 4 which made its last episode on-screen on 19th May 2019.

Star Vs the forces of evil is the first Disney XD series created by a woman and the third overall for Disney Television Animation which aired on 18th January 2015 on Disney Channel and later brought to on Disney XD. 

The story is all about star Butterfly, the young Turbulent inheritor to the royal throne in the dimension of Mewni, who is taken to earth to calm her wild behaviour. She becomes friends with a human Marco Diaz and starts to adopt a dual life in Echo Creek while attending school and making new friends. They both meet new people, take on new opponents while preventing the Newman Monster Ludo from stealing Star’s magic wand and wander in the wild dimension. The series became the most-watched animated series debut in the network’s history. 

In a recent interview; the creator Faron Nefcy has stated that in the future; she would like to see a continuation of the series such as a film adaptation and a spin-off.so it’s really great to hear that the story is not ended with season 4; so still we get to have the chances of seeing the plot in ahead. 

What do we see if there is season 5?

In February 2019, Disney surmised that season 4 will be the final one which broadcasted back on Disney Channel on March 10 2019. 

The last episode of season 4 as the star decided to destroy all the magic in order to stop Mina and bring back the peace surrounding Mewni; which world would erase her from existence while working on the spell to destroy the magic. Star starts to lose her memories and after breaking the spell of magic; Back on earth; Marco recovers from the happenings and feels sad that he may never get a chance to see the star again. So Janna thought of giving Marco a chance and opened a portal to meet star but unfortunately, the portal burst into light. All of the sudden; as the result of the explosion, the dimension of earth and Mewni have been Cleaved together and they both finally met each other. 

If the creators are planning for a spin-off then we can see star and Marco together. 

Crew members who made their performance in their roles:

Eden Sher as Star Butterfly 

Adam MacArthur as Macro Diaz

Alan Tudyk as Ludo King 

Nate Torrence as Ferguson

Jenny Slate as Pony Head. 


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