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Star Wars: What species are Yodas?

The Mandalorian is currently airing the second season on Disney Plus, and we found that The Mandalorian went on a quest to take the Child back to his place of its kind. He, himself doesn’t know the kind to which the Child belongs.

It is certainly known that The Child is Jedis, who are the famous and powerful holders of The Force who hides from The Empire. The fans saw more of The Child and its species in the Star Wars movies and series, especially Jedi’s Grand Master, Yoda who’s most commonly known as Baby Yoda because of its fans’ name.

Baby Yoda

Yoda is an iconic character of Star Wars but none have any idea about his, and The Child’s species. Yoda’s species are ancient, precious, and mysterious to one and all. Very of few from the species have been seen around the galaxy, and no one knows their names and origins. These few species are an important part of Star Wars, and all are force sensitive with wielding The Force from a young age like The Child.

We saw in The Mandalorian, The Child performing telekinesis which takes a very long time for the Jedis to learn and perform. Yoda and his species age slower and lives longer. The Child might look like a 200-year old but is actually fifty years old. It is said that Yoda is actually age around 900 years old.

Since the species are not known, the fans saw that Yodas are carnivores as The Child was seen swallowing frogs, squids, and spiders in whole. Yodas are small but extremely powerful. The way they speak is also not known is of which origin. In Star Wars, the species speak in Galactic Basics which is a Star Wars slang for English. Yodas speak in almost completely reverse which is another attribute of their unknown and mysterious species.

It is still not known what actual the species of Yodas are. We might find more about them in the current season of The Mandalorian where he will finally be successful in returning the Child to his home revealing more information about Yoda and his species, origins, and more. If you’ve not watched The Mandalorian yet then you should definitely!

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