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Star Wars update, Which is the Star Wars upcoming movie?

Star Wars Update

When is the next Star Wars movie coming out is a difficult question to answer. The sequel Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released in 2015 and since then there was a movie every year. But now there is no movie coming up. Until 2023 there no big-screen for the  Adventure.

The future of movie is not in cinemas but the galaxy has found a new home in Disney Plus. A follow up on The Mandalorian is coming up along with the Rogue One spin-off, an Obi-Wan Kenobi series, and another animated show.

Star Wars Movie Upcoming Movie Details –

Disney finally announced who direct the next movie. Taika Waititi has been confirmed as the director. Krysty Wilson-Cairns will co-write the story. No other details have been shared until now. The audience will have to wait for the official announcements to know the exact release date of the movie. If sources are believed then 2023 December chances are there.

There have been rumors going around that the new movie could be set a few hundred years before the first movie in the prequels, in the time of the Old Republic. The inspiration could be taken from the Knights of the Old Republic video game series. But nothing is confirmed officially.

Other Details

LucasFilm has announced a new series of comics and books which are set in the Star Wars Universe It will center on the High Republic. 200 years prior to The Phantom Menace the story will take place. This will not overlap with any of the movies or series planned for production.

Kevin Feige has been added to the board to shape the future of Star Wars. Disney Co-Chairman said  “We are excited about the projects Kathy and the Lucasfilm team are working on… With the close of the Skywalker Saga, Kathy is pursuing a new era in storytelling, and knowing what a die-hard fan Kevin is, it made sense for these two extraordinary producers to work on a Star Wars film together.”

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