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‘Superstar Wars: Rise of Skywalker’ Writer Explains How 2 Previous Films Inform Rey’s True Identity

“Superstar Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” co-writer Chris Terrio says that the overall installment of the Skywalker Saga will lend solutions to the questions that stay about Rey’s parentage – and can get to the bottom of the seeming disparity between her herbal powers in “The Pressure Awakens” and Ideally suited Chief Snoke’s tale about her origins in “The Ultimate Jedi.”

In reality, Terrio says the tale that is coming is “a 3rd factor” that grew from the narrative of each previous movies.

“If ‘Pressure Awakens’ asks the query of who’s Rey and the place did she come from, after which ‘The Ultimate Jedi’ spoke back it with a unfavourable in a definite manner, optimistically ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ will take the ones two concepts and create a 3rd factor,” Terrio advised Rolling Stone.

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In “The Pressure Awakens,” Rey is depicted as a herbal Pressure adept, showing uncanny talent even with a lightsaber. In the course of the movie’s narrative, clues and hints are for the reason that her lineage is important and is also a key to the burgeoning trilogy’s tale. In “The Ultimate Jedi,” the First Order’s villainous Ideally suited Chief Snoke advised Rey that her folks have been insignificant smugglers who deserted her on Jakku – although there’s no proof of his claims given within the movie.

“That is a in reality attention-grabbing factor that [The Last Jedi writer/director Rian Johnson] did. It is a democratization of Superstar Wars, pronouncing that your lineage and your blood doesn’t essentially decide who you’re, and your previous doesn’t decide your long term. However we took the ones provocations as concepts that lets grapple with and optimistically increase upon on this movie, as a result of I don’t assume it is a dialectic of one or the opposite, the place both you return from not anything or you’re born royalty. 

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“There is a lot of flooring in between. Even [Kylo] Ren’s terminology is not… When he says ‘You are no person’ — smartly, what does that imply? Is that how Rey would take into consideration herself? Does Rey even assume of those questions?” Terrio persisted. “I am making an attempt to not expose any tale issues right here! There is a Gordian knot in my tongue. I feel the ones are in reality legitimate concepts that Rian put forth, however any sequence of movies, particularly you probably have 3, is a dialog — which is, as I stated early on when I used to be chatting with J.J., thesis, antithesis, and synthesis.”

As for whether or not “The Rise of Skywalker” would align with J.J. Abrams’ authentic imaginative and prescient of the trilogy he kicked off with “The Pressure Awakens,” Terrio remained mum.

“Uh, that one I’ve to dodge a bit bit,” Terrio confessed. “When it is redacted, you realize it’s the juicy stuff.”

“Superstar Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” is due out in theaters Dec. 20.

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