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Star Wars Clones, Why are they called the Clone Troopers?

Star Wars Clones are mostly known as Clone Troopers or Republic Troopers. They are nicknamed “Boys in White”. They are highly trained soldiers in the Grand Army of the Republic. For the future of the galaxy,  these clones were created to be advanced than the battle droids. Clones were the backbone of the Republic Military which raged war against the droid armies.

As per the request of the Jedi master Sifo-Dyas, Clone Troopers were built on the planet named Kamino. Clones were designed based on Humans. They were also meant to age faster as double of humans. Their growth was accelerated to get the warriors in the span of a decade.

History of Star Wars Clones

Clone Troopers were implanted with behavior modification biochip which changed the fate of Galactic history. Before the invasion of Naboo, the Jedi master, Sifo-Dyas believed that the galaxy would start having wars. For the safety of the Galactic Republic, He gave orders to build an army.No one agreed to his views, and was removed from the Jedi High Council.

Then Sifo secretly contacted the Kaminoans Cloning Experts to clone warriors without the permission of the Jedi High Council. Bounty hunter Jango Fett was the genetic template of the clones. Various modifications were made to Fett’s Genes to make clones grow faster and to listen to orders easily. The Star Wars Clones were designed to be more intelligent to be superior to the battle droids.

Although they were meant to serve the republic as the Kaminoans believed, Sith had other plans to secretly use them against the Jedi Order. The biochips can make the troops mentally unstable and dangerous to the people around them when they are damaged or removed surgically.

Clones fought the droids on all fronts across the galaxy for 3 years. They were loyal to their Jedi Generals and the Chancellor though some clones doubted their service, leading to cases of leaving them and treason, most of the clones were proud to serve the Republic like it was the only life they had ever known.

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