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Star Wars 2020: Is There No New Movie This Year?

Star Wars 2020

Star Wars Episode IX The Rise Of Skywalker is finally here, after a long wait period. More than 40 years after the saga of the Skywalker came to a close view.

When Disney acquired Lucasfilm the studio did not only assure us a new trilogy but additionally a constant flow of Star Wars films for the foreseeable prospect.

Among each of the earlier chapters of the new trilogy, we got a couple of Star Wars Story films. Where Solo and Rogue One were standalone experiences that had kinships to the tale we knew but were not related directly anywhere.

But with The Rise of Skywalker back us, 2020 now will be the first time ever after a few years (2014) that we will not get a brand new set of Star Wars films on the big screen anymore.

Do we get at least one Star Wars film?

The opening slate of films that was declared ahead in the Disney ownership of Lucasfilm did take us through the five films that have been launched now, the new trilogy, plus Solo and Rogue One.

But whatever was getting following Episode 9, the one thing that was sorted by Disney is, something was sure to come.

Bob Iger (Disney CEO) had declared that there was a draft, officially to launch at least one  film a year until the heat death of the universe. Hence we had to wait a long time but still till now no update.

Expected Untitled S.W Dates

For the very first time in more than approximately 5 long years, there will not be any Star Wars theatrical launch in 2020, but it does not mean the franchise is entirely over.

There is a trio of untitled films heading for movie theaters across the universe shortly.

Disney has revealed in May 2019 that new S.W films would be released in 2022, 2024, and 2026, but there was no official or random notice on what these films would be about or who all would be directing them or any other. Nevertheless, those dates were driven back a year in July 2020 because of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, according to Vanity Fair.

As it stands, the next official launch dates for Star Wars films are to be followed below:
December 22nd, 2023, December 19th, 2025, and December 17th, 2027.

We will get back with more information once it is officially stated.

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