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Star vs the Forces of Evil to be renewed with fifth season? Find the details here

Star vs the Forces of Evil has reportedly ended with season 4. With four seasons, this Disney Channel animated comedy series will not be renewed further.

Adam McArthur who voices Marco Diaz in the series talks about the future of the series. Fans have been keen enough to revive the series and they have received about 75,000 signatures in just a week and a half, to revive the series for a Season 5. Yet, the series has culminated.

Disney had announced that Star vs. the Forces of Evil season 4 will mark it’s end. The premiere of season 4 had begun on March 10, 2019 on Disney XD.

The creator of the show, Daron Nefcy thanked the viewers for welcoming this show in such positive responses. “We put our heart and soul into this final season, and can’t wait to celebrate the exciting conclusion of the series with our fans who have remained so loyal throughout this journey”, Nefcy added.

This project marks the first show on Disney XD created by a woman. The show is also acclaimed for its visuals and anime-inspired look and the first on-screen gay kiss on Disney in season 2.

The finale episode of the series is titled as “Cleaved” and it is the thirty-seventh episode of Star vs. the Forces of Evil. This episode was premiered on May 19, 2019.

Ending of Star vs The Forces of Evil Explained

We have seen Moon apologizing to Star for everything that has happened as a consequence of her alliance with Mina. Star heartfully forgives her as she believes that this is a new start for the Butterfly family.

Star and Marco are a canonical couple of the show. Hekapoo is wiped from existence after the magic in the universe is destroyed.

The ensemble cast members of the series

Eden Sher plays the Star Butterfly

Adam MacArthur plays Macro Diaz

Alan Tudyk plays Ludo King

Nate Torrence plays Ferguson

Jenny Slate plays Pony Head.

The creator of the show, Daron Nefcy has also put forward her statement that she would like to continue the franchise to see it being adapted into a film adaptation or a spin-off. So, our hopes of seeing the series being continued in the future still remain alive and the reboot versions will bring great variations to the show.

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