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Star Trek Discovery: When is season 3 hitting the rock?

Star Trek Discovery is all ready to land in the coming week. Fans are overwhelmingly anxious for the new season. We bring to you all the latest updates about the show.

To the huge wait of the fans, Netflix has officially confirmed the release date on the 16th of October 2020. The new season started its production in July 2019 but was scheduled to arrive by February 2020. There has been a post-production delay due to the coronavirus pandemic, as sources say.

There have been earlier two seasons of the show released in 2017 and 2019, respectively. The first season has been published in two halves, and the second half was broadcasted after three months after the first half. Both the seasons were highly successful, and thus, another season was obvious to come.

Who all can be seen?

As per sources, the cast list has been updated. We can expect to see Sonique Martin-Green appearing as Michael Burnham, Doug Jones as Saru, and Shazad Latif as Voq/Ash Tyler. Other members are very likely to feature Anthony Rapp as Paul Stamets, Mary Wiseman, as Slyvia Tilly, Jason Isaacs as Gabriel Lorca. We also expect to see Michelle Yeoh in this season. Wilson Cruz might play the role of Hugh Culber and Anson Mount in the role of Christopher Pike.

What can we expect from Star Trek season 3?

Reports confirm that the new season will have good visual effects, and there will be a Moral and ethical side to the story. This has been noted to be admired by fans. As per the news, the coming season will revolve around the mission to discover new lifeforms in the new world. The show will also highlight the fact that one needs to understand oneself first to understand the world. The story will bounce into the long run that will reflect the next 900 years after the occasion. It is expected to be interesting and fascinating to see what goes sooner or later.

The creator has revealed the opening scene of season 3. Have a look!


Critics say the third season of this show has been the worst as compared to the last two seasons. There has been a constant thirst for the show to get better and better. We can only wait to see if fans will love the new season.

Let’s begin the countdown! stay tuned for more updates.




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