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Star Trek Discovery Season 3- Release Date, Cast, Plot, and more

Star Trek Discovery

Star Trek: Discovery season two got so much of love from the viewers and it got a huge hit back in 2019 in the UK. All the fans are eagerly waiting for the next mission though not to worry there is already a confirmation for the release for Star Trek: Discovery season 3 has been announced.

This huge success of Star Trek: Discovery season two has built a huge expectation by the fans for the release of Star Trek: Discovery season three. Also, Julie McNamara vice president of the original content of CBS said “The massive success of Star Trek: Discovery’s second season launch exceeded our expectations in both driving subscriber growth and generating a phenomenal response from Star Trek fans”.

The showrunner Michelle Paradise and Alex Kurtzman who are in the position of leadership said that they are looking forward to the continuation of the journey of Star Trek: Discovery for the growing franchise on CBS all access and making new stories of Star Trek for the fans for the next coming years.

According to the Vulcan science director, the time travel is regarded as impossible, but still, we can except for the discovery to go on in season three.
So, be with us for the information about Star Trek: Discovery season three, we got your back guys!

Star Trek Discovery season 3: Release date!

Star Trek: Discovery season one was aired in September 2017, and after that season two took place at the beginning of 2019. The one and two seasons were first released in the UK and after that, it got released in the US too.

The release date for Star Trek: Discovery season 3 is officially announced now. It’s going to release on 15th October 2020, Thursday on CBS all access.

According to Alex Kurtzman, the work has already begun for the fourth season of Star Trek: Discovery even though CBS has not officially declared about season 4. Even though there is a pandemic still the writers of Star Trek: Discovery is ahead in their work for the upcoming season.

Star Trek Discovery season 3: Cast!

Well, there’s good information for all the fans of Star Trek Discovery, all the major characters will be seen back in this season:

* Michael Burnham playing as Sonequa Martin-Green
* Saru playing as Doug Jones
* Paul Stamets playing as Anthony Rapp
* Sylvia Tilly playing as Mary Wiseman
* Nhan playing as Rachael Ancheril
* Dr Hugh Culber playing as Wilson Cruz
* Nilsson playing as Sara Mitich
* Gen Rhys playing as Patrick Kwok-Choon
* Keyla Detmer playing as Emily Coutts
* Joann Owosekun playing as Oyin Oladejo
* RA Bryce playing as Ronnie Rowe
* Jett Reno playing as Tig Notaro
* Philippa Georgiou playing as Michelle Yeoh
* Anson Mount playing as Christopher Pike
* Ethan Peck playing as Spock

Star Trek Discovery season 3: Plot!

The storyline of Star Trek: Discovery season 3 has in store of Burnham. All the rest crew and Saru remained in the 32nd century in an undiscovered country. There were shades of Star Trek: Voyager in a set-up that drops a Union team in an unfamiliar area/period, and leaves them to contend for themselves through no apparent alliances to depend on – we only can expect that Discovery dares to move the Trek narrative boundaries, rather than merely sticking to franchise clichés as Voyager did.

The transportation of this show for 930 years is such an amazing movie that will take the show in a new direction. Of course, the potential of this season three which is based on war can move things up even more than season two which was based on the quest.
So, only one thing we can do is expect to see all of the crew of the USS discovery experience ultimatum which they have never seen before. Yet coping with them is a kind of generous mindset of exploration and hope that has always been the Star Trek franchise rallying call.

Season 3: trailer

To sync with the 54th anniversary of Star Trek’s TV debut, CBS released a new trailer for Star Trek: Discovery season 3, to be premiered on October 15th. If you’re from the US where the show streams to CBS All Access, you can watch the full trailer through the tweeter. Foreign fans, who will be able to see the Netflix series from October 16th, can see it on the official Star Trek site.

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