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Star Trek Discovery Season 3: When does Season 3 starts?

A Still From Star Trek: Discovery

Star Trek: Discovery season 3 has officially been confirmed. Even with the pandemic proving to be a major nuisance, the crew behind the show was hard at work during the lockdown and has even rolled out a trailer for the upcoming season. This news comes much to the delight of Star Trek fans, who have been waiting for the new season ever since season 2 aired back in 2019. The series has made Star Trek more prominent on television than ever before.

Read on to know all you need to about the upcoming third season.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Release Date

The release date for season 3 is announced to be October 15, 2020, which is a little more than a month from now. New episodes will arrive weekly, every Thursday. Although it took longer than expected, the new season is finally coming and fans have even been treated to a new trailer. You can watch it here:

Furthermore, writer Alex Kurtzman has stated that his team has already begun work on season 4 despite the impact of COVID-19, even though it hasn’t officially been announced yet.

Star Trek: Discovery Plot

Kurtzman has stated that the rogue A.I which was season 2’s big bad is now effectively neutralized and that season 3 will introduce a greater threat. What that threat will be is anyone’s guess at this time, but moving the timeline into the future by a thousand years is a bold move and is bound to have its repercussions. The time jump also makes room for the writers to stray from the main storyline which covers Spock and Kirk’s five-year mission.

We will also see the team try and appoint their new captain in this unknown timeline since Christopher Pike stayed behind on the Enterprise when the Discovery went through the wormhole.
Stay tuned to watch the crew of the USS Discovery faces threats they’ve never seen before with the same optimism and courage as they always do.

Star Trek: Discovery Cast

  • Michael Burnham as Sonequa Martin-Green
  • Saru as Doug Jones 
  • Sylvia Tilly as Mary Wiseman
  • Dr. Hugh Culber as Wilson Cruz
  • Lt. Joann Owosekun as Oyin Oladejo
  • Keyla Detmer as Emily Coutts
  • Paul Stamets as Anthony Rapp 
  • Emperor Georgiou as Michelle Yeoh

Where to Watch

Star Trek: Discovery is available to watch on Channel 4, CBS All Access, and Netflix.


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