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Spraycans in Fortnite: Where to find Spraycans in the Spray and Pray Challenge?

Lost Spraycans challenges, objectives, and rewards for the Spray & Pray Missions in Season X of Fortnite is quite interesting but complicated.

In order to complete the challenges, you need to know where to look for these lost Spraycans. Even with the map, it is quite difficult to locate. Here is a guide to help you locate them in order to successfully complete the challenge.

You need to locate at least five Fortnite Lost Spraycans in order to complete the challenge.

Where to find 5 Lost Spraycans in Fortnite?

1) Junk Junction [B1]

When you look at the map, start at the north-west corner. You will be able to locate the first of these Fortnite Spraycans in the Junk Junction.

You will have to head right to the top of the area where you will locate the Lost Spraycan in the corner where the junk cars are crumpled and stacked. There you will find it laying right next to the the junk pile, on the other side of the barbed wire fence which is at the bottom of the hill with a llama on.

2) Umbrella mine [E3]

The second one in the list is the Umbrella Mine. You will find it to the west in the umbrella mine south-east of The Block.

You will have to head downwards and from here turn to the corner. Make sure you grab the spray can which is lying at the foot of a stack of three barrels.

3) End of the volcano stream [G4]

You will have to be on track with the lava from Pressure Plant. Reach to its bottom and make it to the old tunnel which is used to make it to the Tomato Town. You will locate another lost Spray in the middle of the first pillar.

4) Viking Village Waterfall [B6]

You will find yourself in the Viking Village. Move-in direction to the north of Frosty Flights. Here you will be able to locate another Fortnite lost Spraycan. This spray can is lying at the base of the tree which is at the foot of the waterfall. You will find it on ice which makes this tricky. So, you will have to be vigilant enough to grab it before you are bound to slide away.

5) Shifty Shafts Spraycans [D7]

You will have to head east to the Shifty Shafts now. Next to the hunt, you will find a mine which you need to enter through the parking lot. Immediately turn to the left and then break through the wall to the section with a chest.

Here, you will be able to locate another of these Fortnite Spraycans in the left-hand corner where you created a crack in the wood.

So, gear yourself up to complete the Fortnite Spray and Pray Challenge

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