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Splatoon 3: On which platforms is it available? What happens in the game?

The first series of this game was released for the Wii U in May 2015. Second released in July 2017 for Nintendo Switch. This series is loved by the people for its amazing gameplay, soundtrack, and style. This series has given many awards from various gaming publications. 15 million copies have sold yet of its two seasons, which is more than enough to earn profits for the creators. The Splatoon series always releases new things in every season with more excitement. This new concept of such gameplay has a positive impact on the minds of their players.

What to expect from Splatoon 3 game?

It has been 3 years, after getting to know that Splatoon 3 will release before fall of 2020. Although there’s no official word by the creators. But most expected, it is all set to be released soon.

Moreover, The Splatoon 3 will be mostly about the Octo development and the journey of two cousins- Marie and Callie. It was starting from the competition to the association. With its amazing interface and energizing, easy to use UI features will increase its fanbase again in Splatoon 3.

Splatoon 3’s gameplay will be a bit different from its previous ones. Moreover, the characters, Marie, Callie, and Squid Sisters are the same as the first two games. On the other hand, the third season will not include Marina as said by Nintendo himself. This season the game will bring a new load of weapons, players, and refreshing battles. This season will also have a 3D interface to improve the gaming experience.

Splatoon 3 in eSports

Splatoon 3 will also be in splatfest. Splatfests are special game festival events which are held once in every month. For its attractive choices in splatfests, Splatoon is said to get a lot of media attention.

Splatoon also puts up Esports tournaments with prize sponsors. The creators of Splatoon, Nintendo, started Esports tournaments in 2018. A group of 4 players can be played against each other on the virtual platform.


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