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Spike Lee, how did he became professional famous director

  1. Introduction of Spike Lee:

Spike Lee is an American film director, producer, screenwriter, actor and also a professor. Lee has earned much appreciation in the field of filming. He has won numerous tributes for his work including an academy award for the best-adapted screenplay. When it comes to film directing and script writer; at a young age he earned a student academy award for his first student film, and also received two Emmy Awards, two Peabody Awards, a BAFTA award and Cannes Grand Princ award. For his contribution to the film industry gained him to achieve an academy honorary award. To the most honourable note, Lee received the Dorothy and Lillian Gish Prize worth of $80000 which was one of the richest rewards in the American arts.

Spike Lee was respected a lot for colourism by the black community by emphasizing more on African-American people and his devotion towards writing and directing is incredible which is highly concerning culturally. Lee net worth is $50 million; after earning a great name in the film industry and also his mansion is considered as his biggest asset which is a 9000 square foot townhouse in Manhattan’s most expensive upper east side zip code, purchased for $4.75 in 1998 which now costs $30- $40 million.

The early life of spike lee: 

Spike Lee was born in Atlanta; son of William James Edward Lee, who is a teacher of arts in the black literature and a jazz musician and composer. Lee did his schooling at John Dewey high school in Brooklyn and college in Morehouse college, where Lee graduated as a B.An in mass communication. Later on, Lee did his film courses at Clark Atlanta University and graduated work at New York university’s Tisch School of the art and received a master of fine art degree. Lee made his introductory student film while graduating in Tisch school of the art in New york. 

Lee married Tonya Lewis in 1992 and after a year they were blessed with a girl child and one son in 1997.

Like father like son; he taught courses at Harvard about filming in 1991 and also now working as a tenured professor at New York University. Lee is a great fanboy of the American baseball team- The New York Yankees.

The career of spike lee: how he started his life?

In 1984- ’Joe‘s bed stuy barbershop: We cut heads’ is Lee’s first debut student film; worked along with his friends Ang Lee and Ernest R. Dickerson, which got straight to be showcased in Lincoln centre’s new directors for the first time.

In 1985, Lee released his featured film- She Gotta have it; changed Lee’s career by stating that a welcome change in the representation of blacks in American cinemas. Lee got into the gossip talks after the release of Mo’s Better Blues where he was accused of discriminating against Jews in that movie which indicated that Lee is forming racism.

A biopic on Malcolm X, a civil rights leader directed by Spike Lee in 1992, and also Lee directed a documentary titled as 4 Little girls which revolve around the four African American girls murdered in the 16th street baptist church, this movie earned many positive critics by stating as being cultural, historical and aesthetically significant.

Recently, Lee’s DA 5 bloods American war drama which was released on 12th June 2020.

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