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Soulja Boy’s Net Worth as of 2020 and how he became the successful rapper

Soulja Boy, an American actor, rapper, singer, record producer, and a magnificent music composer is always in the light of the media concerning either his magnetic new release or his money. This American rapper has been all bucked up to soar high in life without any full stops. Today we will let you know more about his life, career, and total net worth in the current year. To know more, do follow the article below

Early Life:

Soulja boy, whose original name is, DeAndre Cortez was born in Chicago of Illinois. Since the age of 6, he started discovering his interest in Music and rap, and thus seeing this, his father opened a small studio at their home so that his son could follow his interest. In the year 2005, his soul started posting his songs on the SoundClick website. After ging appreciable positive feedback he started a youtube channel and MySpace.


In 2007, his first album named “Crank That (Soulja Boy) got released. He also made a dance video for the same which was reported as low budget. For the song, he was nominated for Grammy awards. In the same year, in October, his other album named “Souljaboytellem.com” was ranked 4rth on the US Billboard 200 and since then it has been certified Platinum by the RIAA. He then went on to release many such albums like, “Loyalty”,  “The DeAndre Way”, “How can you blame me” and so on.

Personal Life:

Rapper Ice T has a way too big a role in Soulja’s life. he asked Soulja to “eat a dick” and that his song, “Crank That” was garbage. In 2008, on December 30, he was robbed off and beaten in his home. HE took to MTV to describe the incident as to how after returning from a part, masked men entered his house and pointed AK-47, at his friend’s head.

Net Worth:

The Net Worth of Soulja Boy as of 2020 is estimated to be $30 million. Hr had recently been reported to have removed many tattoos from his body so that he could be featured in films and on television. Despite all these, he also earns enough from entrepreneurship in real estate.

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