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Sophia Bush reveals she is now engaged to Grant Hughes!

“One Tree Hill” actress Sophia Bush, is on cloud nine as she recently revealed that she is now engaged to her boyfriend Grant Hughes!

Sophia announced the happy news of her engagement to Bush with a sweet and heart-warming message and pictures on Instagram on 10th August. Sharing an adorable and beautiful picture on Instagram where Hughes is down on his knee and putting the ring on Sophia’s finger. The proposal had to be romantic as Hughes popped up the question during their romantic getaway in Italy.

Grant proposed to the love of his life Sophia on a boat in the middle of Lake Como in Italy.

Bush captioned their romantic photograph, “So it turned out that being your person is the actual best feeling of planed Earth #YES.”

While sharing the best news of her life, Bush did not forget to show her gratitude to the service providers who helped Hughes to make their moment memorable. Sophia wrote in caption, “Thank you to @comoclassicboats and @bottega53 for helping my favourite human plan the most incredible, moving surprise of my life. My heart, it bursts.”

On the other hand, Grant Hughes also took to his social media to announce the news. He shared a picture and wrote, “She is my forever Favorite. This is my favorite. And our life is that we’re building because she said “Yes” is already my favorite. I am SO EXCITED to do life with you, my love.”

The businessman, who is in his mid 30s, also gave credits to the organizers and wrote, “And a brilliantly executed surprise like this doesn’t happen without the most incredibly talented secretly stationed photographers (she didn’t see you @bottega53), the best classic boats in the game (@comoclassicboats), and most importantly an amazing family of friends too numerous to name that supported me through this entire process. It all paid off. Thank you for helping me create perfection for the most perfect woman. She felt it”

Other than that, Sophia further shared more posts, giving her fans some glimpses for her romantic getaway to Italy with her now fiancé Grant Hughes. Certainly, this whole trip turned out to be a great surprise for the actress.

In one picture posted by Sophia, the newly engaged couple can be seen on the boat cuddling each other. She captioned the picture, “Forever Favourite… And with the favorite (photograph) I will never recover from, the most angelic duo @bottega53 (Italy Wedding Photographer/ Studio).

Born and brought up in California, USA, Bush is of Italian descent from her mother’s side. Hence, getting proposed to in Italy was extremely special for Bush. She shared her feelings beautifully in yet another Instagram post addressing Hughes and what Italy means to her. She wrote, “This. This place. The land of my past. Of my heritage. Of my mother, and hers, and hers before. Of Mario and his oxen. Basil grown in the garden. Wine made in the basement. Comes my future. Him. Wine is our passion. We raise bees at home. We grow basil too. And now, tomatoes from Luca, Italy. In Los Angeles.”

She continued, “Our families’ pasts, overlap with our present. We see a future on the horizon. We choose it. Them, eventually. Ours. This day. Forever. I’m beaming. I never knew. Now I do. I know. This. You.”

Needless to say, Sophia’s comment sections were filled with love, support and well wishes from her fans, friends and colleagues. Singer and filmmaker Bethany Joy Lez commented, “Love youuuuu!! So excited to you both… “My heart is so full for you”

The Walking Dead star Jeffery Dean Morgan also shared his love for the newly engaged couple. He wrote, “This is TOO MUCH!! Love love love all of this!”

On the other hand, Jeffery Dean Morgan’s wife, who also appeared on the show “One Tree Hill,” wrote in the comments, “Ahhh hell. Huge MASSIVE congratulations to both of you. He’s a lucky bastard, as I’m sure you are! Congrats!! Xxx”

Morgan commented on different post, “This is the fairy tale!!!!! You deserve it, my sweet sister!!! So beyond giddy for you and can’t wait to celebrate your “happily ever after”!!!”

Later, in her Instagram stories, Bush addressed and replied to the well wishes she received on the occasion. She shared the good wishes she received from Better Make Room (Michelle Obama’s college access campaign that celebrates and promotes higher education) on Twitter. She had replied, “My fiancé taught middle school for three years, so PLEASE know that love from y’all- educators and advocated- means the world to us both! Love Love Love the @BetterMakeRoom team, and of course our forever idol Michelle Obama.”

Sharing the screenshot on her Instagram story, Sophia wrote, “DGAF about the papers, but when THE EDUCATORS send love! Ahhhh MY HEART”

Sophia Bush began dating Grant Hughes in May 2020. There is not much information around the newly engaged couple. However, they were first spotted last year in May, holding hand during a romantic day out in Malibu. Certainly, Bush has always kept her personal life pretty private.

Despite keeping her love life a private affairs, Bush has been on news several times for her previous relationships. In 2005, Bush got married to her “One Tree Hill” colleague Chad Michael Murray. But they announced their separation five months of their wedding, with Bush filing for annulment stating fraud as the cause. After that, Bush has been with Jon Foster, James Lafferty and Austin Nichols.

Bush has also dated Dan Fredinburg, a program manager for Google, but they broke up due to long distance. Subsequently, she had a relationship with her Chicago P.D. co-star Jesse Lee Soffer. After that, Bush finally met and started dating Grant Hughes.

Although a great number of Sophia’s fans are happy with the news, but some also have gotten their hearts broken as the “The Hitcher” star got engaged. One of her admirer wrote on Twitter, “please respect me in this time as i am mourning Sophia bush’s single-ness and my 0.00000000001 of a chance with her.” Another person tweeted, “Not gonna lie I was still holding on to hope that I would be the one to marry Sophia Bush.”

Wishing Sophia a great future ahead, a fan of Sophia wrote, “@SophiaBush I am beyond words happy for you! You are so amazing and deserve nothing but the best! Wishing you many many many years of love and happiness… p.s. you will be the best mom ever if you guys decide to have kids.”

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