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Sonic movie comparison: Which version of the characters is better?

With the release of Sonic the Hedgehog movie, Sonic gives a new design and outlook to the main characters. After the trailer of the movie dropped in April of last year, the animation of the character received mixed views from the fans and critics. It did not make a good impression on the fans, which made Paramount redesign the characters.

Paramount had made an attempt to make Sonic look more “realistic,” but instead, they ended up creating something which accounted for something really disturbing. As the design faced severe backlash, the director of the movie, Jeff Fowler, promised to the fans that he is going to alter Sonic’s design, which suits the taste of the fans better.

Which version of Sonic is better?

Paramount released the trailer for its live-action take on SEGA’s Sonic The Hedgehog franchise. However, the trailer did not appeal to the viewers, and they took on to social media to put forward their criticism of the ghastly design of Sonic. This made the producers of the movie reconsider the “realistic, hedgehog-like take on Sonic” to once again design it in the version which is more classic and is easily loved by the fans.

In the recent version, which finally made it to film, which was released in February of 2020, the most prominent difference is in the eyes of Sonic. Similar to Sega’s design, the recent version has bigger eyes. The old design had much smaller eyes, which relates more to the anatomy of an actual hedgehog.

The new design fades also fades its blue fur into Sonic’s tan mouth, which gives it a slight realism in its features. The facial features of the new version are also quite similar to Sega’s design and have a cartoonish nose, mouth, and teeth. In the old version, it had wide nostrils and a nose, which blend into his snout. But in the new one, similar to the Sega design, it sticks out. The human-like teeth featured in the old version is now hidden beneath his upper lip. It now has an animated mouth, which can shift easily to the side instead of being anchored on the front.

The previous version gave Sonic joints and muscles, which resembled knees, elbows, and calves. The recent version replaces this human joint structure with a cartoon like flexible system.

Hence the new version is more like Sega’s version, which suits the taste of the fans better. Watch the Sonic The Hedgehog movie, which is now available for streaming.

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