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Social distancing is necessary till 2022: Harvard researchers

The entire world is jittery of the deadly spread of the seminal coronavirus. Many scientists and health experts are studying COVID 19 deeply to prevent the spread of this disease and save lives. Because of this communicable disease, researchers at Harvard prolonged on having social distancing, which would go up till 2022 to stop COVID-19, completely. Apart from this, they also emphasized that a quick research into the immunity of the virus duration would be needed to refine their predictions.

Our news sources have reported that computer models were used by Harvard researchers. To predict the impact of the pandemic, new research on coronavirus has been published in the journal Science on April 14, which suggests that the patterns of coronavirus transmission is between the common cold and pandemic flu.

According to the time scales determined by immunity, the models show a frequent rise in the spread of the virus. To keep track and limit the spread of this infection, unity is required from the whole world. Also, to handle serious cases, surveillance measures and social distancing may have to be performed or a periodic basis, the scientists behind the study, say so. Such measures will buy time for the development of new treatments and vaccines. There will also be space in the hospitals.

In addition to this, the recent study shows that the infectious disease can only be maintained well by One common option that is by strict social distances accompanied by an intensively comprehensive investigation mission for public health. This is the best easy to remove the virus and have less threat. That is what led during the 2003 outbreak of SARS-CoV-1. However, the results are increasing and are unlikely to confirm cases of a new pathogen reaching 2 million worldwide.

To avoid such denouement, social distancing must be maintained, and measures should be followed until 2022 unless hospital capacity is also increased, effective vaccines or remedies are developed.

The authors do not endorse any particular path forward, but they say “to identify likely trajectories of the epidemic under alternative approaches.”

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