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Slipknot Singer Corey Taylor Tests Positive for COVID-19!

Singer Corey Taylor, famously known to be the lead vocalist for the band Slipknot, has COVID-19.

The singer announced that he has tested positive for the virus via his social media account. Corey told that he is battling with Coronavirus even though he is vaccinated.

Sharing a video on Facebook on Friday on the page of the event “Astronomicon.” Taylor announced, “I wish I had better news. I woke up today and tested positive and I’m very, very sick.” Due to his contraction, Taylor was forced to withdraw from appearing at a Michigan pop culture convention which was scheduled this weekend.

The 47-year-old musician told, “So I’m not gonna be able to make it this weekend. And I am absolutely devastated. I am so sorry.” He continued, “I hope everyone has a good time, and I promise you I will absolutely try to get back there as soon as I can.”

The event page wrote on the caption, “Maintaining everyone’s health and safety is paramount in these times. COVID is no joke and can effect anyone, even those who have been vaccinated. Sadly, this includes celebrities. We have just received news via this video message from Corey Taylor, who will sadly no longer be able to make it this weekend. We wish Corey a speedy recovery and we urge everyone to remain vigilant.”

The official Astronomicon page further wrote, “If you are coming to Astronomicon, please remember to wear a mask to keep yourself and everyone at the event safe.”

Corey further stated in the recorded message, “I should be okay… it’s just the flu and I’m vaccinated so I’m not worried. But I certainly would not want to separate it to anyone.” He continued, “Everybody be safe out there and I will see you again I promise.”

Moreover, the fans and people who had booked their tickets for Corey’s show will be refunded the amount. In a pinned comment, Astronomicon stated, “Guys we were dealing with all the people on site and have since emailed everyone about refunds. We are also very shocked and saddened by this news and anything Corey Taylor will be refunded. Thank you.”

Needless to say, fans are sad and disappointed with the news, but still hope for Corey’s speedy recovery. A fan wrote in the comments, “This was my son’s 16th birthday present; as he said, “his chance to talk to his favorite person on the planet.” He had his guitar with us it have it signed. Very sorry he is sick, this was just as upsetting as the cancelation…”

Wishing Corey well, other fans also shared their own experiences with COVID-19 suggesting him the ways to feel better. A fan wrote, “Corey Taylor for Astronomicon 5!!! Wanted to meet him so bad but damn it happens. I hope he can make it back to astro. Might have to be astro 6 cause Slipknot is doing an overseas tour next year around this time. Or could do astronomicon presents Corey Taylor somewhere next year.”

Astronomicon, as described by the official website, is “Metro Detroit’s newest pop culture convention, where you will be able to have fun for the whole family.” This year is going to be the fourth official Astronomicon event, which was originally scheduled to take place in February 2021. However, due to COVID-19 pandemic, the show was postponed to August 2021, which is to be held at Ann Harbor, Michigan.

This year, the event Astronomicon 4 features celebrities from different fields including Dana DeLorenzo, Shannon Elizabeth, Mick Foley, Butch Patrick, Jason Mewes, Bill Moseley, Darby Allin, Chris Owen, Dirk Manning, Min Chang and others.

The Grammy recipient Corey Taylor was going to perform at this event. However, due to testing positive for COVID-19, the singer and actor has called off from appearing at the show.

Corey is a versatile artist, who has succeeded in various fields including writing, singing, acting and songwriting. Born in 1973, Corey Taylor is the front man and lyricist for two band- Slipknot and Stone Sour. Other than that, Taylor has achieved great heights in the music industry as a solo artist as well.

Trying his hand in acting field, Taylor appeared in a 2013 horror film named “Fear Clinic,” in which he played the role of Bauer, one of the employees of the clinic who is incapable of properly manage work around the office when trouble knocks. After that, Corey also featured in horror film titled “Bullied,” followed by his appearance in an episode of “Doctor Who.”

Besides being an actor and a singer/musician, Corey is also a New York best-selling author. The books written by Corey are listed below-

  • Seven Deadly Sins: Settling the Argument Between Born Bad and Damaged Good
  • A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Heaven (Or How I Made Peace With The Paranormal And Stigmatized Zealots & Cynics In The Process)
  • You’re Making Me Hate You: A Cantankerous Look at the Common Misconception That Humans Have Any Common Sense Left
  • America 51: A Probe into the Realities That Are Hiding Inside “The Greatest Country in the World”

Other than the prestigious Grammy Award, Corey is also a recipient of a Revolver Golden Gods Award for Best Vocalist, a Loudwire Music Award for Rock Titan, a Kerrang Legend Award, and a Grammy Award in 2005 for Best Metal Performance.

Along with his band Slipknot, Corey was set to go on a world tour for the promotion for their new album “We Are Not Your Kind.” The world tour that began in 2019, was set to reach Europe last year. The band had played till February 2020, but due to the ongoing pandemic, Slipknot had to cancel the entire tour. However, Taylor utilized this time to work on his solo album.

Besides, as per the reports, the band Slipknot is most likely to carry on with their pending world tour next year.

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