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Siren Head: Who is Siren Head, and what are its powers?

Siren Head is a horrifying monster which is a creation of artist Trevor Henderson. It is a part of the internet folklore for quite a time now. Siren Head is known for stalking, luring, chasing its victims.

What does the Siren Heads look like?

Siren Head is a hostile cryptid and urban legend. It has a very odd appearance and it looks like a tall, thin, desiccated, and dehydrated mysterious humanoid creature.

Siren Head’s skin looks mummified and it has dual sirens on its head, hence the name Siren Head. With these sirens, it can release various sounds for conversations. The sirens also emanate white noises and very loud sounds which can impair hearing.

What are the powers and abilities of Siren Heads?

1) Mimicry: While Siren Heads can mimic a human, but it has a distinct variation. As the sounds are released via sirens instead of vocal cords like humans, it is quite different from that of humans.

2) Strength: the monster is pretty strong taking into account its large size.

3) Speed: Siren heads are quite agile and can cover distances quickly at an extremely rapid pace.

4) Stealth: They can remain motionless for an extended period of time in order to blend with its surroundings.

5) Transformation: It is likely that they are shapeshifters. They can transform their head into functioning sirens and street lights.

6) Disguise: Siren Heads are known to disguise its appearance as different pieces of urban detritus.

Where did they make theire first appearance?

Siren Headfirst appeared in 2018. Almost around 40 feet tall, this mummified monster is appearing everywhere in viral Tik Toks. And, besides that, it is now dynamically appearing in fan artwork, game mods, including one for Fallout 4. Siren Head is an incredibly effective piece of videogame character design. It looms over an anonymous city and its spindly figure with its echoing sires glooms across the land it is traversing.

Creator Henderson remarks, “I love creating modern urban legends. And using regular every-day spaces as a way of making creature design more immediate and unsettling.” Besides Siren Head, Henderson’s creation also ranges to unsettling photorealistic cryptic monsters that include Cartoon Cat and Long Horse.

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