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Sinnoh stone Pokemon: how to find and evolve your species with the Sinnoh stone?

Sinnoh stone is a unique evolution item, limited to Pokemon Go; which enables various Gen 1 and Gen 2 species to develop into their Gen 4 evolution stages with new proficiency to the evolved species. The Sinnoh stone is used for all cross-generation evolutions. The players can collect Sinnoh stone from their weekly field research reward, Trainer battles and Training with Team Leaders. 

Is there any eligibility to get the stone?

The required level to get a Sinnoh stone is at level 10, where the stone was originally found in the Sinnoh region that can make certain species of Pokemon evolve.

The Sinnoh stone has a high chance of getting while doing weekly field research reward, the player has to defeat a team Go Rocket Leader, and also a possible ‘mystery item’ Go battle league reward.

What are the evolutions we get from Sinnoh stone?

  • Magnezone: it is an electric steel-type pokemon from the Sinnoh region that can be evolved from Magneton pokemon and need to feed 100 candies to complete the evolution.
  • Rhyperior is a ground and rock pokemon which evolves from Rhydon and Sinnoh stone after feeding 100 candies.
  • Lickilicky: this pokemon is a normal-type from the Sinnoh region, which evolves from Lickitung, spending 100 candies plus Sinnoh stone.
  • Tangrowth: it is a pure Grass-type pokemon, evolved from Tangela, 100 candies should be fed in the Sinnoh region.
  • Electivire: this pokemon evolves from Electabuzz after feeding it 100 candies and Sinnoh stone.
  • Magmortar: is a pure Fire-type pokemon which evolved from Magmar, adding 100 candies to the evolution process with Sinnoh stone.
  • Weavile: is a dark and ice type pokemon which evolves from Sneasel after giving up 100 candies and Sinnoh stone.
  • Togekiss is a fairy and flying pokemon which evolved from the Togetic pokemon with 100 candies and Sinnoh stone spent on evolution.
  • Yanmega is a bug and flying type pokemon that has extracted from Yanma after feeding 100 candies and Sinnoh on it.
  • Gliscor is a ground and flying type evolved from Gligar after feeding 100 candies.
  • Honchkrow is a dark and flying type pokemon; which evolved from Murkrow with 100 candies and Sinnoh stone.
  • Gallade: this pokemon is a psychic and Fighting-type; evolved from Kirlia adding 100 candies and Sinnoh stone to the evolution.
  • Froslass: it is an ice and ghost pokemon and evolved from snorunt after giving 100 candies for evolution.

Two cross evolution can also happen with the help of Sinnoh stone: With the help of Sinnoh stone; an Eevee can evolve into Leafeon Pokemon and Glaceon Pokemon. 


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