Sinister 3: Why was the show cancelled after second sequel?

Some movies send chills down our spine and one such movie was the Sinister. The first movie caused a huge wave of positive responses from its viewers. It released on March 11. 2012. Scott Derickson is the director and writer of the film and he is known to be a master of horror movies comparing his previous works. The first movie had left a good impression on the fans. However, the second movie was a disappointment to the viewers. Scott even apologized to the audience for not giving his best. The former made a profit of $77 million and the latter had a box office of $27 million. The chances for Sinister 3 is comparatively very low since the director mentioned after the second sequel that he won’t be doing any more of the sequels for the movie as he was deeply disappointed with the work. He also said that the people might not come to see the third movie after the plot of Sinister 2.

The storyline

Sinister is a supernatural horror movie that focuses commonly on a single ghost named Bughuul. He unlike other ghost does not kill the victims himself, rather uses the children to kill their family. He then records the whole murder in a Super 8 camera. Ellison was the protagonist of the first movie, he was a crime writer. He moved into a new house where he encounters the ghost. Later he realizes that he along with his family is in trouble. The second movie showed the camera shattered which causes restrictions to Bughuul’s plans.

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Other updates on Sinister 3

The movie was a disaster in its second sequel and so the director himself announced that he won’t be doing any more of the Sinister sequels. The fans wanted to see one more of the Sinister which justifies the movie like the first one but as of now, there is no hope for the sequel.

The cast of the movie included Ethan Hawke as Elliot, Juliet Rylance as Tracy, Fred Thompson as Sheriff, James Ransone as Deputy So & So, Clare Foley as Ashley Oswalt, Michael Hall D’Addario as Trevor Oswalt and Nick King as Bughuul and others.