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Simon Cowell’s Net Worth in 2020

We all are aware of amazing and engaging shows that have been an exceptional hit on American television. Keeping this in mind, one could not forget the “America’s Got Talent”, “Britain’s Got Talent” and the “X-Factor” shows that have successfully been entertaining audiences for years.

Today we were going to talk about the person who derives his major income from such sows and he is none other than Simon Cowell. This article would provide an insight into his care, childhood days, and net worth in the current year. To know more, do follow the article below

Early Life:

Not much is known about the childhood days of Simon Cowell but he was born as Simon Phillip Cowell. He was originally born in Lambeth, situated in London of England but was raised in Elstree Hertfordshire. His family consisted of a mother, a father, and a younger brother. In addition to this, he had three half brothers and a half-sister. He was admitted to Radlett Preparatory school and Dover College. He had a great interest in the English language and literature.


Cowell is well known or not getting well with his superiors at work. He has done many odd roles as well which includes working as a runner on Stanley Kubrick’s  1980 hooroo film “The shining”. Simon also worked in his father’s company named EMI music. He after working hard at it, went to start his own venture and named it “E&S music”. Cowell worked at a company named “Fanfare records” for good 8 years but then left it as it was sold to BMG. He then started his own label named “S-records” which gathered much fan base for its television produces like, “The Wiggles”, “Mighty Morphin” and so on. He also judged various singing shows like, “Pop Dol, “American Dol” and went on to produce other shows like”America’s Got Talent” and “X-Factor” and many more.

Personal Life:

From 2002 to 2008, Cowell dated host, Terri Seymour. He later broke up with her and in 2010, went to date, Mezhgan Hussainy up to 2011. After breaking up with Hussainy he dated, American Lauren Silverman. Silverman was wife to Cowell’s friend wh filed for divorce on the grounds of adultery committed by Cowell and his wife, Lauren. Weeks later Lauren announced being pregnant with Cowell’s child.

Net Worth:

The Net Worth of Simon Cowell is estimated to be around, $600 million. Cowell is into various professions that have been his major source of income all these years. His is into, Television Producing, Entrepreneurship, Screenwriting, Presenting, Criticism, Record producing, Business, acting, and television. He is also an A&R executive.

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