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Silent Hills: Why did it get cancelled? Will they ever make one again?

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There are some games which are hard to forget after you play them. Similarly, for some gamers, Silent Hills is one of them. The fans can’t stop getting their hopes high about the recent rumours regarding the game returning. Kojima Productions are the developers of the game along with Konami as the Publisher. Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro are the directors. The game was announced on September 2012. However, March 2015 brought some conflicts that arose between the publishers and the developers. This led to the game being cancelled and taken off from PlayStation in April 2015. The fans had signed petitions after that but no further development of the game was done. However, the team decided to continue the Silent Hill franchise. To know more about the game, continue reading.

How to play Silent Hills and where?

Silent Hills is survival horror. The game uses a first-person perspective, unlike the series. In this, we see the protagonist who is unknown waking up in a haunted house. In the house, he begins to encounter supernatural forces and characters. The player has to solve the confusing and mind-boggling corridor puzzle to finish the game. However, this was just a Playable Teaser which provided a free download of the game. The game only had a single-player mode. As to the question of where to play the game, sadly I don’t have an answer. Silent Hills was taken down along with the cancellation. Moreover, on July 4, 2018, a 17-year old released a playable version of Silent Hill in PC. The team had asked him to take this down due to legal issues and also awarded him a scholarship.

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Privacy policy and Parental control

Silent Hills used to collect personal information from its users. Along with that, it had lots of violence and horror in it and so it is not suitable for young children. The series itself has a mature rating.

However, the show has been cancelled and does not exist anymore. Despite the dedication and pleas of the fans, the team was not ready to bring it back and have moved on to other projects.

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